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I am Mary Hayes, a passionate IT professional and seasoned project manager with a robust academic foundation in business and cybersecurity management from Bay Path University. Throughout my career, which includes significant roles at Seven Hills Foundation and as the Founder & CEO of Stand Out IT, I have accumulated a wealth of diverse work experiences. My proficiency in various computer systems and software applications, particularly in AI recruitment tools, content management systems, and AI optimization for business processes, highlights my deep technical expertise.

My unwavering dedication to achieving excellence and fostering efficiency has always been the driving force behind the successes of the teams and projects I have been privileged to lead. This is evident in my effective enhancements to recruitment processes and my strategic use of AI to optimize service offerings. As a leader, I have nurtured a collaborative and high-performance work culture, guiding my team towards innovation and success.

My career is a testament to my commitment to merging technology with innovation, viewing every challenge as an opportunity for success. With my advanced skills in communication, strategic planning, and critical thinking, along with my proficiency in social media management and time management, I am excited to embark on new ventures. I am eager to continue leveraging my passion for IT and project management to drive technological advancements and organizational success.


Bay Path University, Longmeadow, MA

Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Counterterrorism

- Graduated: May 2018

Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management

- Graduated: May 2020

Master of Business Administration

- Graduated: May 2022

These academic accomplishments have equipped me with a broad and deep understanding of key areas pivotal to my career in IT and project management. They reflect my commitment to continuous learning and my passion for integrating knowledge across diverse fields to drive innovation and excellence in my professional endeavors.


Google Help Desk: 2/1/2022

Life Insurance Producer: Exp. 12/13/2024

Linked In Certifications

Work History

Seven Hills Foundation

HR Associate Recruiter

Worcester, MA

September 2022 - Present

- Implemented and managed AI-powered recruitment processes to enhance candidate

sourcing and screening, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy in talent


- Trained the recruitment team on leveraging AI tools for optimizing recruitment

workflows, resulting in improved candidate match quality and shorter hiring cycles.

- Continued responsibilities in sourcing new candidates, using software to run ads, post

openings, and spread awareness of positions available.

- Managed postings for new positions or vacancies; supported administrators in refining

job descriptions, posting vacancies on websites, and online job-seeking platforms.

- Coordinated and scheduled interviews with candidates selected by administrators and/or

search committees.

- Assembled hiring packets and processed new hire paperwork, including applications

and required documentation.

Stand Out IT

Founder & CEO

May 2022 - Present

- Integrated AI solutions into business operations to optimize service offerings and

enhance client relationship management.

- Led all aspects of business operations, including strategic planning, marketing, human

resources, and technology solutions development, with a focus on leveraging AI for

business intelligence.

- Managed a team of 4 employees, fostering a collaborative and high-performance work


- Developed and maintained content management systems (CMS), ensuring optimal

functionality and user experience, partly through AI optimization.

Previous Experience:

- Transportation Security Officer, Department of Homeland Security

- Assistant Residential Director, Seven Hills Foundation

- Construction Electrician, Petty Officer 3rd Class, United States Navy

Social Media


Facebook: mary.hayes.182

Instagram: missybby1387

X: @youcanonlytry8

GitHub: MissyAI87


Computer Skills


In this unique blend, I weave together the threads of AI, software, learning, and community, creating a vibrant tapestry that reflects not only my skills but also my passion for making a positive impact on the world.

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