Meher Wan


Researcher and science educator

I studied about lasers, nonlinear optics and basics of quantum information theory in my masters course. Further, I obtained PhD from Physics Department, University of Allahabad, India. During my PhD, my focus was to enhance the heat transfer properties of fluids using nano-suspensions. Currently, I am Post Doctoral Fellow (Funded by institute) at Micro/Nano-Robotics and Fabrication Facility, Advanced Technology Development Centre, Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur (WB) India. At IIT-Kharagpur, I am associated with the a very interdisciplinary research group which is using micro/nano-fabrication in signle nanowire based devices, gas sensors, photonic sensors, metamaterials, optical fibers, 3D printing and tissue engineering. I was actively engaged in setting up the "Micro/Nano Robotics and Fabrication Facility" which is a state of art nano-fabrication facility with clean room environment.

I love to communicate science to students and common public by writing articles, giving workshops, and developing study materials. I have keen interest in experiments based on virtual reality environment. I authored one popular science book and several articles for different newspapers, magazines of national repute. I have interviewed several Nobel Laureates and distinguished scientists. I wrote scripts of science popularization programs for All India Radio and Vividh Bharti. I am associate member of Bollywood Screen Writers Association, India


Two photon polymerization based 3D printing at microscale
Single Nanowire based electronic devices
Chemical vapor deposition growth of 1D nanostructures e.g. SiC and CNTs
Chemical gas sensors
Lab on Optical Fibers
Focused ion beam lithography
Photonic Crystals
Mosquito Mimicking Microneedle for painless drug delivery

Selected Publications