Meg Dooley | Art

Meg Dooley is a mixed-media painter living in McCandless, a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, in the house where she grew up. Meg creates topographical paintings using acrylics and an eclectic mix of media. In addition to brushes, blades, rubber stamps, and stencils, her tools include a variety of re-purposed everyday objects: fly swatters, pastry cutters, spritzer bottles, drawer organizers, sink strainers, grill pans, artificial flower parts, hair curlers, grocery items… basically, anything that might create an interesting pattern. She also harvests puddles and strips of dried paint as collage materials. Meg's inspiration comes from her new-found fascination with theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum biology, and whatever other imponderables pique her sense of wonder. She has no idea how her penchant for leaping down conceptual rabbit holes results in paintings.