Megan Ansdell

Welcome! I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Integrative Planetary Sciences (CIPS) at the University of California, Berkeley. I study the evolution of protoplanetary disks and the formation of exoplanet systems using a variety of observatories, including the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) and the Kepler spacecraft.

I completed my PhD at the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii in July 2017. My thesis with Jonathan Williams focused on conducting large-scale, high-sensitivity surveys of protoplanetary disks at (sub-)mm wavelengths using ALMA. Additionally, I work with Eric Gaidos on young "dipper" stars using Kepler data, as well as the UV evolution of nearby M dwarfs using GALEX data.

Previously, I obtained a Masters in International Science and Technology Policy from the George Washington University, where I focused on international cooperation in space science and exploration. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, surfing, and traveling.