Graduate Student Mentor (Department of Economics, 2016-17)

I was selected by the Department of Economics as the Graduate Student Mentor, in-charge of training other graduate student instructors (teaching assistants). Along with a colleague, I conducted a week long training program on the methods and ethics of teaching. Over the year, I also mentored other graduate student instructors, providing solutions to questions and requests for help. My experience observing other graduate student instructors and learning more about what works and what does not was also valuable to me as a teacher.

Head Graduate Student Instructor (Principles of Microeconomics): Fall 2015, Winter 2016

Graduate Student Instructor (Principles of Microeconomics): Fall 2014, Winter 2015

Selected Feedback on Teaching

Winter 2016

"Fantastic Instruction "

"Very thorough, sometimes too thorough, but helped with clarifying many of the aspects of lecture and actually put them into practice "

Fall 2015

"Meera is great. I've never had a better discussion leader in my career here. "

"Meera rocks. Incredible sense of humour and attitude. Her style of teaching is perfect in my opinion, and shouldn't change. "

Winter 2015

"My GSI was excellent. She took the time to go through material, and made sure to answer every question we had. She offered extra office hours that were helpful, and she really seemed to care about my class. "

"All questions were always answered and topics were gone over thoroughly. The instruction was great. "

Fall 2014

"I was please with my GSI for this discussion section. I found the review sections before the tests and the extra Sunday office hours most helpful. "

"Everything was clearly explained and worked well to provide a good outline of economics. "