Meecha! Meet and chat anonymously, locally and around the world.

Someone wants to "meecha"!

Do you remember the film "You've got Mail" from the 1990s, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? It was about two people who developed a romance online but who stayed anonymous until the end of the film. Their relationship developed through the texts they sent each other and in spite of, or perhaps because, they hadn't met in person.

Now you can have a similar experience using the Meecha app, available from Google Play from your phone or your computer. Meecha will let you message other users, sending only the information about yourself that you wish to reveal. By default, your name, photo or other graphic, and gender are not revealed. All that is displayed to other users are the language(s) that you speak and, if you so desire, your distance from them (distances less than 1000 meters are displayed as "1000 meters", to maintain your privacy and safety).

Install Meecha today and have your own "You've got Mail" personal experience.