Felipe Medina Aguayo

Researcher at the University of Reading, UK

Contact: Room 211, Department of Mathematics and StatisticsF<dot>J<dot>MedinaAguayo<at>reading.ac.uk


I am a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the University of Reading working with Richard Everitt on understanding recombination through tractable statistical analysis of whole genome sequences.

My general research interests lie in Monte Carlo methods and Bayesian inference.

Short bio

  • PhD in Mathematics and Statistics (2017), University of Warwick. Supervisors: Prof Gareth Roberts and Dr Anthony Lee.
  • MSc in Mathematics and Statistics (2013), University of Warwick.
  • BSc in Actuarial Science (2009), National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Publications and preprints


Recent activity

  • 4-7 Nov 2018. [Lightning Talk] SMBE Satellite Workshop on Genome Evolution in Pathogen Transmission and Disease. Kyoto, Japan.
  • 17 Oct 2018. [Talk, Co-organiser] Afternoon Meeting on Bayesian Methods. U of Reading, UK.
  • 9-12 Jul 2018. [Poster] SMBE 2018. Yokohama, Japan.
  • 25-29 Jun 18. [Poster] ISBA 2018. U of Edinburgh, UK.
  • 24 Jun 18. ABC in Edinburgh. U of Edinburgh, UK.
  • 20 - 22 Jun 18. [Invited Talk] i-like workshop 2018. Newcastle Uni, UK.
  • 26 - 28 Mar 18. [Poster] BayesComp 2018. Barcelona, Spain.
  • 12 Mar 18. Modernising Medical Microbiology (MMM) Conference. U of Oxford, UK.
  • 31 Jan 18. [Co-organiser] Afternoon Meeting on Bayesian Computation. U of Reading, UK.
  • 22 Nov 17. RSS Emerging Applications Section launch. Royal Statistical Society, UK.
  • 30 Aug - 1 Sep 17. SMC Workshop 2017. Uppsala, Sweden.
  • 14 Mar 17. Modernising Medical Microbiology (MMM) Conference. U of Oxford, UK.
  • 8 Feb 17. [Talk] DARC Seminar. U of Reading, UK.


  • I have supervised Undergraduate students during their final year research projects.
  • I have also (informally) supervised one MRes and one PhD student at the Department.
  • Tutorials: Probability and R lab sessions.

Other activities

  • Co-organiser of the (almost) weekly Bayesian reading group at the University.
  • Reviewer for Statistics and Computing and Electronic Journal of Statistics.