Medical Imaging meets NIPS

Saturday, December 9th - Long Beach Convention Center, USA

Accepted Abstracts

Yongchan Kwon and Myunghee Cho Paik. Uncertainty quantification for ischemic stroke lesion segmentation using Bayesian neural networks

Young-Geun Kim, Yongchan Kwon and Myunghee Cho Paik. Handling imbalance in deep convolutional neural network: Application to medical imaging

Aneta Lisowska, Alison O'Neil, Vismantas Dilys, Erin Beveridge, Keith Muir and Ian Poole. Dense vessel detection using an anatomically-aware CNN in non-contrast CT scans

Tejpal Virdi, John Guibas and Peter Li. Synthetic Medical Images from Dual Generative Adversarial Networks

Kuldeep Kumar, Christian Desrosiers, Kaleem Siddiqi, Olivier Colliot and Matthew Toews. Fiberprint: Identifying subjects and twins using fiber geometry based brain fingerprint

Morteza Mardani, Enhao Gong, Joseph Cheng, Shreyas Vasanawala, Lei Xing and John Pauly. Deep Generative Adversarial Networks for Compressed Sensing (GANCS) Automates MRI

Jelmer M. Wolterink, Anna M. Dinkla, Mark H.F. Savenije, Peter R. Seevinck, Cornelis A.T. van den Berg and Ivana Isgum. MR-to-CT Synthesis using Cycle-Consistent Generative Adversarial Networks

Enhao Gong, Junshen Xu, John Pauly and Greg Zaharchuk. Deep Learning reduces 99.5% radiation risk for nuclear medicine functional imaging

Jakub Tomczak, Maximilian Ilse and Max Welling. Deep Learning with Order-invariant Operator for Multi-instance Histopathology Classification

Natalia Antropova, Benjamin Huynh and Maryellen Giger. Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Efficient Breast DCE-MRI Classification

Johannes Stelzer, Alexander Loktyushin, Klaus Scheffler, Bernhard Schölkopf and Gabriele Lohmann. High precision head motion correction in fMRI using a learning-based approach

Rene Bidart, Mehrdad Gangeh, Mohammad Peikari, Sherine Salama, Sharon Nofech-Mozes, Anne Martel and Ali Ghodsi. Fully Convolutional Networks in Localization and Classification of Cell Nuclei

Yu-An Chung and Wei-Hung Weng. Learning Image Representations using Deep Siamese CNNs for Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval

Nick Pawlowski, Sofia Ira Ktena, Matthew Lee, Bernhard Kainz, Daniel Rueckert, Ben Glocker and Martin Rajchl. DLTK: State of the Art Reference Implementations for Deep Learning on Medical Images

Marc Górriz, Xavier Giro-I-Nieto, Axel Carlier and Emmanuel Faure. Active Deep Learning for Medical Imaging Segmentation

Andrew Doyle, Carolina Makowski, Claude Lepage, Paule-Joanne Toussaint and Alan C. Evans. Automatic Quality Control of Human Brain T1w MRI Scans

Vineeta Singh, Deeptha Girish, Anca Ralescu and Bruce Aronow. Segmentation of regions with complex boundaries

Christopher Sandino, Neerav Dixit, Shreyas Vasanawala and Joseph Cheng. Deep convolutional neural networks for accelerated dynamic magnetic resonance imaging

Hiba Chougrad and Hamid Zouaki. Convolutional Neural Networks for Breast Cancer Screening: Transfer Learning with Exponential Decay

Wenwen Jiang, N. Okai Addy, William Overall, Bob Hu and Juan Santos. Artifact Detection in Cardiac MRI

Isaac Godfried. CNN based techniques for diagnosing multiple conditions in Chest X-Rays

Ke Xiao, Heliodoro Tejeda, Madalina Fiterau, Jason Fries, James Priest and Chris Re. Automated Classification of Aortic Valve Morphology from Phase-Contrast Cardiac MRI Using an Augmented CNN

Jordan Harrod, Morteza Mardani, Shreyas Vasanawala, John Pauly and Lei Xing. Deep Predictive Coding For Super Time-Resolved MR Imaging

Ilsang Woo, A-Reum Lee, Hyunna Lee, Keummi Choi, Seung Chai Jung, Namkug Kim and Dong-Wha Kang. Semantic Segmentation with Squeeze-and-Excitation Block: Application to Infarct Segmentation in DWI

Okai Addy, Wenwen Jiang, William Overall, Bob Hu, Juan Santos and Joseph Cheng. Autonomous MRI: Prescription to Ejection Fraction in 3 Minutes

Vikash Gupta, Sophia Thomopoulos, Conor Corbin, Faisal Rashid and Paul Thompson. FiberNet 2.0: A robust white matter classifier

Chuck-Hou Yee. Right Ventricle Segmentation using Dilated Convolutions

Milad Makkie and Tianming Liu. A cloud-based distributed deep learning platform for neuroimaging bigdata analytics

Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Wenjia Bai, Enzo Ferrante, Steven Mcdonagh, Matthew Sinclair, Nick Pawlowski, Martin Rajchl, Matthew Lee, Bernhard Kainz, Daniel Rueckert and Ben Glocker. Ensembles of Multiple Models and Architectures for Robust Brain Tumour Segmentation

Herve Lombaert, Antonio Criminisi and Nicholas Ayache. Spectral Learning of Surface Data: Ideas from Medical Imaging

Vincent Chen, Paroma Varma, Madalina Fiterau, Seung-Pyo Lee, James Priest, Christopher Ré. Generating Training Labels for Cardiac Phase-Contrast MRI Images