“The new spring in AI is the most significant development in computing in my lifetime. ”

Sergey Brin

“The relationship between human intelligence and artificial intelligence (HI + AI) will necessarily be one of symbiosis. The challenge and potential of exploring this co-evolutionary future is the biggest story of the next century and one in which a closeness in development velocity is a necessity.”

Bryan Johnson


Useful AI

mechanizedAI isn't a company, it's an idea. The idea to use mechanical systems, in novel ways, to facilitate useful AI.

"An AI is useful when by choice, a human repeatedly engages the AI to perform tasks."


mechanizedAI provides pathways for usefulness that extend beyond the CPU. These paths literally give the AI a means to reach out and touch the physical world.

Generally speaking, mechanizedAI is frame work for useful AI.

Neural Networks

"All you need is lots and lots of data and lots of information about what the right answer is, and you'll be able to train a big neural net to do what you want. "

Geoffrey Hinton

"Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learning — whatever you’re doing if you don’t understand it — learn it. Because otherwise you’re going to be a dinosaur within 3 years."

Mark Cuban

The AI in mechanizedAI is driven by Neural Networks and no other architecture class. The reason is very simple: "If Watson were able to beat the game GO it would have done so long ago. In comparison, neural networks can learn to perform this feat with the proficiency exceeding the best humans in the world. In fact the neural network Alpha Go can do this repeatedly, by learning from unlabeled game play video data. Alpha Go does this without a single iota of human assistance.


“We have enough papers. Stop publishing, and start transforming people’s lives with technology!”

Andrew Ng

Personal AI.

Personal AI is a solely dedicated AI that assists and protects a person.

  • Assistance can be of many forms such as, remote controlling a garage door or summarizing a one hour lecture.
  • Protection is personal when it is defensive and not offensive. For example, monitoring daily news for instances of data breaches, concerning personal accounts, is defensive. Exclaiming to the world that you've been the victim of a data breach or closing accounts is offensive. Defensive maintains beneficial relationships and keeps information private. Offensive in this case, causes you to loose your frequent flyer miles and tells a would be offender where you have had an account which has been breached!
  • Personalization allows an AI to tailor assistance and protection to an individual to the exclusion of all others. It does this by experiencing the world with an individual, asking questions, assisting, and protecting. Somax will learn certain things quickly, like recognizing a voice. Others will take more observation like, knowing when an individual is happy or sad. Somax collects personalization data as it interacts with an individual. When connected to a DreamBox, Somax downloads the personalization data and retrains it's models. When trained, the models are uploaded to Somax for HotplugAI inference upon the next use.

"Retail will overtake banking in 2018 to become the industry leader in terms of cognitive/AI spending. Retail firms will invest $3.4 billion this year on a range of AI use cases, including automated customer service agents, expert shopping advisors and product recommendations, and merchandising for omni channel operations"

International Data Corporation 3/2/2018

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming companies’ best weapon to reach customers in real time, and increase their levels of engagement. A recent survey reveals that AI makes people shop more, spend more money and spread the word about it to all their friends. The study, based on a survey of 1,008 consumers by PointSource, confirms when AI is present, nearly half (49%) of consumers say they are willing to shop more frequently, 34% say they will spend more money, and 38% say they’ll share their experiences with friends and family."

Joe McKendrick, RT Insights, 3/27/2018

"AI should recognize AI and learn it's patterns to protect individual interest from AI"


Somax is first and foremost a personal AI.

Somax Hardware Features:

  • Intel Edison Dual Core 500Mhz embedded processor.
  • 4x Movidius Myriad X Compute Engine.
  • Intel D415 Depth Sensing Long Range Camera.
  • 4 axis stepper motor gimbal.
  • 9 axis attitude, heading and reference system (frame mounted).
  • 9 axis attitude, heading and reference system (camera mounted).
  • 4 channel microphone array.
  • 4 channel 16 bit precision analog to digital converter.
  • 4 channel 12 bit high 1M SPS high speed analog to digital converter.
  • 1.5" 128x128 OLED display (up facing, mounted to frame).
  • .3" 128x36 color OLED display (forward facing, camera mounted).
  • 4 axis (2 stick) , 1 button on board joystick.
  • Wifi.
  • Bluetooth.
  • SD card slot.



100% open source. To build a personal AI that may be trusted, it is necessary to prove to any and all the exact nature of its operation . To this end all materials, and designs may be used without any encumbrance providing its use causes no intentional or reasonably foreseeable harm to humans or animals.