Alfred Yesue Memorial Scholarship

Alfred Yesue Memorial Scholarships

Alfred Yesue was a good friend, mentor, and educator. He brought a vast repertoire of tips and tricks for getting the most from our staff and students. Alfred spent many years as the Chief Judge of the association mentoring the judges and helping to craft many improvements to the way we adjudicate our students. The impact that he had on the marching programs of MBDA is immeasurable. Alfred passed unexpectedly in the Summer of 2011 but will be forever considered a part of our association and a dear friend. In his memory, we have established the Alfred Yesue Memorial Scholarship to be given to two students annually at the end of the Maine Band Directors’ Association Marching Band Finals. Please see the link below for application information.

Alfred Yesue Memorial Scholarship Application

Alfred Yesue Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Kayla Burke – Marshwood High School 2011
Rose Clemmons – Dover High School 2012
Meghan Genardi – Dover High School 2013
Crystal Napoli – Salem High School 2013
Faith McKinley – Westbrook High School 2014
Billie Junget – Salem High School 2014
Anna Libby – Wells High School 2015
Hayden M. Stacki – Westbrook High School 2015
Owen Doane – South Portland High School 2016
Katie Spagnolo – Thornton Academy and Old Orchard Beach High School 2016
Connor Stacki – Westbrook High School 2017
Andrew LeBlanc – South Portland High School 2017
Nathanael Tyler-James Batson – Lawrence High School 2018
Chloe Moretti – Marshwood High School 2018
Rachel Richards – Westbrook High School 2019
Vernon Wells – Old Orchard Beach High School 2019
Olivia Kilmer – Marshwood High School 2020
Nyla Mawire – Somersworth High School 2020
Carson Macklin - Dover High School 2021
Angelina DiBiase - Westbrook High School 2021
Isaac Benn - Westbrook High School 2022
Charlotte Daniels - Marshwood High School 2022
Brooke Tuthill - Somersworth High School 2023
Dylan Bauer - Westbrook High School 2023