Speakers and Abstracts

Isabelle de Meyer

*arm-. The Link Between a Wheel, an Arm and an Ox

de Meyer - Abstract.pdf

José L.García Ramón

-s-Stems and Delocative Infinitives: From Derivational History to Grammaticalization

García Ramón - Abstract.pdf

Riccardo Ginevra

The Derivational History of Old Norse Loki, the Twofold Semantics of the Caland Root *leu̯g- ‘to be bent, twisted; to bind, enclose’, and the Indo-European Myth of the Binding of the Fire-God

Ginevra - Abstract.pdf

Bjarne Simmelkjær Sandgaard Hansen

Doing justice to PGmc. *aiwa- ‘marriage; law, right’ – The connection to Lat. iūs ‘law, right’

6th century Latin inscription on an Etruscan triplet vessel. Altes Museum, Berlin.
Hansen - Abstract.pdf

Stefan Höfler


Who’s Afraid of a Fearful Wolf? On the Manifold Readings of Possessive Adjectives in Indo-European

Abstract - Höfler.pdf

Adam Hyllested

A typology of Indo-European -st-formations

Hyllested - Abstract.pdf

Josef J. Jarosch

Latin 3sg ēst ‚(s)he eats‘ and Latin Nsg pēs ‚foot‘

Jarosch - Abstract.pdf

Konstantin G. Krasuchin

Die mehrdeutigen Wurzelnomina und ihre indoeuropäischen Grundlagen

Krasuchin - Abstract.pdf

Marek Majer & Rafał Szeptyński

Respect in retrospect. The formal and semantic background of PSl. *cěty

Majer - Abstract.pdf

Melanie Malzahn

Brush up your Grassmann! An old new Caland root *h2rewd ‘SHINE’

Malzahn - Abstract.pdf

Andrew Merritt

κάλλος and καλός

Merritt - Abstract.pdf

Domenico Giuseppe Muscianisi

“Left” in Proto-Indo-European: Meaning and Form of a Sexual Taboo

Muscianisi - Abstract.pdf

Birgit Anette Olsen

Interface between Nominal and Verbal Morphology

Olsen - Abstract.pdf

Georges-Jean Pinault

The PIE *-men-stems and the Caland system

Pinault - Abstract.pdf

Nathanael E. Schweikhard

A database of etymologically annotated concept lists

Schweikhard - Abstract.pdf