Models, Experiments, and Data Workshop

Welcome to the website of the Models, Experiments, and Data workshop (MEAD) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This workshop invites outside speakers, faculty members, and graduate students to present their work and receive feedback. If you’re interested in presenting at MEAD in the 2022-2023 academic school year, please contact the graduate student coordinator. If you would like to be added to the MEAD email list, please contact the graduate student coordinator.

Unless otherwise noted, our meetings are held in person (422 North Hall) on Fridays from 1:30 to 2:45pm.

Our workshop will be actively discussing the presentations and general methods research on the MEAD Slack workspace! If you submit a request to be added to the MEAD listserv, you will be invited to the MEAD Slack as well.

2022-2023 SCHEDULE

Faculty Directors

Adeline Lo (

Jonathan Renshon (

Graduate Student Coordinators

Hoyun Yoon (

MEAD Calendar

What Styles of Presentations Do We Have?

(1) Practice Job Talks: 30-40 minutes presentation, followed by Q&A for 15 min, followed by feedback.

(2) Presentations:

“The Classic”: Similar to invited talks, presenters circulate a working paper and present a more detailed 30-40 minute talk after which there is audience Q&A. Discussants may be requested with enough advance notice.

“The In-Progress”: Designed to support in progress work – such as prospectuses or exploratory phases of projects, these do not require circulating work ahead of time, but are 20-30 minute presentations prefaced with specific requests on the types of feedback that would be most helpful to move the work forward. Q&A to follow.

“The EPW style”: This is primarily meant to support feedback for experimental designs. Presenters circulate a ~5 pg write up prior to the meeting, which attendees are expected to read and prepare comments for the author(s). No formal presentation expected. EPW-style sessions can host two presenters.

(3) Invited Speakers: 30-40 minutes presentation, followed by discussant comments, followed by Q&A.

FALL 2022

September 9: Introductions

September 23: "In-Progress" Presentations

  • Priyadarshi Amar (Political Science, UW-Madison), "The Effect of Ballot Access Laws on Representation: Evidence from Fertility Limits in India"

  • Priyadarshi Amar and Rikhil Bhavnani (Political Science, UW-Madison), "Do Direct Elections Improve Representation and Redistribution? Evidence from Natural Experiment in India"

September 30: Experimental Politics Workshop (EPW)

October 5: Gary King (Government, Harvard)

  • Title: "Statistically Valid Inferences from Privacy Protected Data"

  • Co-sponsor: La Follette School of Public Affairs, American Politics Workshop

  • Talk is held on WEDNESDAY (12:30pm-1:45pm, Pyle Center Room 335)

October 13: Diana Kim (School of Foreign Service, Georgetown)

  • Title: "Untouchability in the 21st Century"

  • Discussant: TBD

  • Co-sponsor: Comparative Politics Colloquium

  • Talk is held on THURSDAY (12:00-1:15pm, Ogg Room)

  • Note: Diana Kim is delivering two talks--one on Oct 13, and another on Oct 14.

October 14: Diana Kim (School of Foreign Service, Georgetown)

  • Title: "Taming Abundance: Doing Digital Archival Research"

  • Discussant: TBD

  • Co-sponsor: Comparative Politics Colloquium

October 21: Marcy Shieh (Political Science, UW-Madison)

  • Practice job talk

October 28: Matan Harel (Mathematics, Northeastern)

  • Title:

  • Discussant: TBD

November 4: Laia Balcells Ventura (Government, Georgetown)

  • Title:

  • Discussant: Ethan vanderWilden

  • Co-sponsor: Center for European Studies, Political Economy Colloquium, Comparative Politics Colloquium, International Relations Colloquium

November 9: Xiao-li Meng (Statistics, Harvard)

  • Title:

  • Discussant: TBD

  • Co-sponsor: Statistics (UW-Madison)

  • Talk is held on Wednesday (3:00-5:00pm, B102 Van Vleck)

November 11: EPW Pilot Grant Recap

  • Oliver Lang

  • Marko Kljajic

  • Hohyun Yoon

November 18: Devin Judge-Lord (Political Science, UW-Madison)

  • Practice job talk

December 2: Evan Rosenman (Data Science Initiative, Harvard)

  • Title:

  • Discussant: TBD

December 9: Experimental Politics Workshop (EPW)

  • Nadav Shelef

  • Ryan Powers, Michael Masterson, and Chagai Weiss (Virtual)


February 10: Emma Rodman (Political Science, University of Massachusetts Lowell)

  • Title:

  • Discussant: TBD

  • Co-sponsor: Political Theory Workshop

  • Talk is held on FRIDAY (12:00-1:15pm, Ogg Room)

February 17: Saad Gulzar (Political Science, Stanford)

  • Title:

  • Discussant: Priyadarshi Amar

  • Co-sponsor: Political Economy Workshop

February 24: Nate Atkinson (Law School, UW-Madison)

  • Title:

  • Discussant: TBD

March 3: Pia Raffler (Government, Harvard)

  • Title:

  • Discussant: TBD

  • Co-sponsor: Political Economy Workshop

March 10: Steven Brooke (Political Science, UW-Madison)

March 24: EPW Grant Proposals

April 11: Cyrus Samii (Politics, NYU)

  • Title:

  • Discussant: TBD

  • Co-sponsor: IRC

May 5: Santiago Olivella (Political Science, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

  • Title:

  • Discussant: TBD

  • Co-sponsor: American Political Workshop

We are part of a rich network of workshops and colloquia: American Politics Workshop (APW), International Relations Colloquium (IRC), Comparative Politics Colloquium (CPC), Political Theory Workshop (PTW), Political Economy Colloquium (PEC), Experimental Politics Workshop (EPW), European Politics Workshop, and Latin American Colloquium (LAC).