About MNL

Maryland Night Live (MNL) was founded by Walker Green and Sammy Garcia in March 2019, and, according to student newspaper The Diamondback, “...became one of the biggest productions that the campus’ comedy community has ever created.”

MNL’s mission is to bring the University of Maryland’s best comedians and musicians together in a Saturday Night Live styled format. Our goal is to push the university's comedic potential to heightened levels and aspire for comedic excellence.

MNL’s inaugural show was in May 2019, where, after five weeks of intense writing sessions and rehearsals, “...the entire cast and crew pulled together a smooth and engaging show that kept the audience laughing the entire time,” according to arts publication The Writer’s Bloc.

MNL wouldn’t be possible without the relentless dedication, determination, and abundant talent of the cast, band, musical guests, crew, production team, original co-sponsorship of the Student Entertainment Event’s Funding Board, and the amazing support from our fans.