"Maryland Night Live, a UMD rendition of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, gives the original SNL a run for its money. " - Her Campus

"The level of professionalism of this student- and alumni-run production was incredible and complemented nicely by the apparent fun the cast was having while doing it." - The Diamondback

Check out our 2020-2021 virtual shows here:

MNL Season 5 (Sep. 2020)

MNL Season 6 (Apr. 2021)

Some of our past shows:

MNL Season 4 (Feb. 2020)

MNL Season 3 (Nov. 2019)

MNL Season 2 (Sep. 2019)

Check out Maryland Tonight, an MNL spinoff show!

MT Episode 1

MT Episode 3

MT Episode 2

MT Hanukkah Special

Here are some clips from the inaugural MNL Season 1 (May 2019):