Circle of Life

Yesterday, it occurred to me that everything and everyone is connected, we think we are in control

Then we realise that someone else must be pulling the strings.

You know when you have a moment of TOTAL CLARITY and you think to yourself,

If I don't get this written down I may never remember this and see it as clearly as I can see it all right now!

WELL today, is the day after and I am hoping it comes back to me as I write this down.

Here goes

Everyone we know, we figure it is due to the choices we make.

Is this really how it works?

Example 1

I have a dear facebook friend named Bek, of 5 years, who often keeps me inspired by occasionally posting cool stuff at just the right time.

I met her just once, while out for a rare evening of fun and song with an old friend Alice (who I Met through Kate, a whole other story) who also helps to inspire me when times get tough and I'm feeling a little powerless ......

There is a lot more to this tale and it so deserves it's very own story.

So do like forces attract each other?

Are we all inter-connected?

Example 2 (a much better one)

My Brother - never been out of our home town for more than a day and the occasional night, never caught a plane. I brought him with me to Thailand, for his first plane trip anywhere. We spent a day or 2 in Bangkok and I insisted he travel with me to Chiang Mai. I had fallen under the spell of this unique city during my first trip to Thailand in 2000, where I intended to stay for a day or 2 but ended up staying on for a 2 week visit. Arranging to meet my friend back in Bangkok just before we were due to leave

Some years later on a return trip to Chiang Mai (one of many) my brother meets a friend (a young lady) who he tells me I must look up when I travel next to CM.

As it turns out, in late 2013 I was relocating to CM to live after years of dreaming about doing it.

I had managed to get a part time job teaching at a school where I would dearly love to work forever. At this time my ex-girlfriend had well and truly moved on and left CM. So I was pretty much alone and depending on my own resources while starting up my new life.

It was some months after my living in CM I decided that evening to finally look up my brother's friend. Under strict instructions to buy her a drink. I didn't go out all that much as I was earning a minimum monthly salary in my then part-time job.

OK, I met up with his friend, she had a friend, who instantly became my soul mate, wife, partner in life and mother of my soon to be born baby girl. A lot of amazing things have happened to me due to that meeting. A real life changing experience and so far, almost 4 years on, this is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

So was it my decision to move to CM that started this chain of events?

Or was it my brother?

Or me again because I brought him to Thailand for the first time back in 2005?

Or like I say, was this all laid out for us and we are just pawns in someone else's Chess game?

Was it meant to be!

A true story

So do we really ever decide anything?