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Highest Rated Vero Beach Mobile Home Park

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BUYING A MOBILE HOME In Indian River or Brevard County Florida ?


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SELLING A MOBILE HOME In Indian River or Brevard County Florida ?


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Why McCormick Home Sales LLC ?

When you work with Renee McCormick of McCormick Home Sales LLC you are working with an experienced mobile home broker that has helped hundreds of people buy and sell mobile homes all over the Vero Beach, Florida area.

McCormick Home Sales LLC is all about integrity and hard work. Renee has assembled an outstanding team of Mobile Home Agents to make sure your journey in buying or selling a mobile home is smooth. McCormick Home Sales LLC is a full service 55+ Mobile Home Broker that handles everything from listing the home, showing the home, selling the home and transfer of title.

When it is time for you to buy or sell a land leased mobile home it is essential to speak with a professional in the field and somebody who is respected and knowledgeable. McCormick Home Sales LLC is dedicated in helping buyers find that perfect Florida home, and sellers getting their place sold in a timely fashion because lot fees do add up.

If you are new to buying or selling a manufactured home here in Florida Renee is someone you need to contact. Learn how we are different and how we stand out from the competition here.

If you just started the process to find that perfect manufactured home you have always dreamed about in Florida you will find Manufactured Homes 101 a very good resource to begin.

Why Is My Home Not Sold ?

We can not guarantee that your home will be sold at the price you want, but if you take Renee McCormick's lead on pricing there is a good shot offers for your home will start to come in. Many factors go into pricing a Vero Beach mobile home and Renee is just about the best there is when it comes to pricing a home to sell that will give value to the buyer and seller. She likes to call it the sweet spot !

The time of year also plays a role when marketing and selling your Vero Beach manufactured home so its imperative to remain patient. We are certainly different compared to the competition and you can learn more about that here.

I Want To Buy A Mobile Home From You How To Begin ?

We work with many people all around the world searching for affordable Vero Beach manufactured homes and have sold hundreds of homes to buyers. What you will want to do is to first check the inventory of homes that we offer. This way you will see which homes are for sale at your price range. Next, you should find a licensed mobile home broker/agent in the Vero Beach area to show you homes of interest. When its time to put an offer in the agent will take it from there working diligently with the seller to strike a deal so both parties are happy.

Many people are a bit confused when they begin their search for a nice FL mobile home so make sure you reach out to us at form below or 239-247-2073 to get your important questions answered.

What are the Costs Of Buying A Vero Beach Mobile Home ?

After the agent contacts the seller with your offer and an agreed price is met its time for you the buyer to secure the home with a 10% down payment and fill out a park application to make sure the park will accept you.

The mobile home you purchase is considered a vehicle in the State Of Florida so your purchase is subject to 6% sales tax, county tax $50, tax-tag-title fee to the DMV of Florida, mobile home park application fee, administration fee that all FL brokers charge. You should expect approximately 10% of the agreed price of home for fees.

Why Do I Need To Be Park Approved To Get Into Park ?

Every park has a park approval process to make sure the buyer of the Florida mobile home can afford the monthly lot fees that they will have to pay and they are not felons. You will have to get a credit/background check and deliver all supporting financial documents to the park for them to evaluate your situation and render a decision. The process usually takes a few days, but certain times of the year it could be a bit longer.

Pet policy vary so Contact Us for up to date information.

Why Do I Need To Pay A Lot Rent ?

The home you purchase is land leased that it why the home is so much more affordable than land owned Vero Beach mobile homes. The park or the corporation owns the land your home is on so you need to pay them a lot rent monthly. The lot rent fees vary depending on the park, the location of your home, and the amenities the mobile home park offers.

A good rule of the thumb while your searching for your home in the sunshine state is that the lower priced homes usually mean higher lot fees and the higher priced home in most cases will have lower monthly lot rents. You can see that in Pelican Bay Micco, Florida.

How Old Do I Need To Be ?

Most parks are 55+ years of age and older to be park approved. In all the parks they do not allow children to live there. Sure, your grand kids can stay for visits but not live. In some cases if one person is 55+ and the spouse or partner is 40+ the park might approve.

Contact Park for more details on this situation.

Why Do I Need To Pay An Administrative Fee ?

The cost of doing business as a Licensed Florida Mobile Home Broker is incredibly costly and it is essential in keeping the lights on so to speak and it is very customary and common. Most of the Admin fees vary between $395 up to $795 depending on broker and even more at some car dealerships which share the same license as a manufactured home broker. In the State Of Florida the mobile home buying process is equivalent to buying a car at a car dealer and the bevy of paperwork is similar.

Now that you have decided to live in paradise you are going to need someone who knows how to find the fish and catch the fish. You can worry about cooking the fish when you get home.

Contact Capt Kyle & tell him Renee McCormick sent you and get 10% OFF !

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