What is the mission or goal of the YMBA learning workbook series?

YMBA was founded by a parent with a masters degree in business administration in response to the growing number of young adults with large amounts of debt before they are even 25 years of age without a plan to recover. The mission is to introduce students to business and daily life terms and concepts as a foundation for their own upcoming financial choices. Focused on engaging topics with visible real-world applications to help prepare learnings for their future success.

Which learning workbook should my student begin with?

The learning workbooks are designed to be completed in any order. For the primary line of business topics a general sequence suggestion is to begin with Marketing, Accounting, then Finance. Business Math, Consumer Math, Business Law, and Management may be completed at any time.

How are the textbook and workbook different from the single subjects?

The textbook and workbook formats present a traditional design to learning. The YMBA textbook has only the learning pages from the Marketing, Finance, and Accounting learning workbooks. The YMBA Workbooks has only the skills practice page worksheets from the Marketing, Finance, and Accounting learning workbooks.

How much time should my student allow for learning with YMBA?

For many of the workbooks the design allows for a topic on one page and a practice page to reinforce the idea on the next page. Your student can choose to complete one set of pages a day, or many sets in a row. This design makes the learning workbooks an effective choice for summer bridge learning, home school study, or a school year elective.

How are the topics selected for the learning workbooks?

A combination of student interest and world expectations come together with a mix of daily life, everyday responsibilities, first job, future career, and money management skills present students with the skills they will need in the coming years. Presented with clear examples, detailed descriptions, and fun topics student enjoy.

Does YMBA offer virtual classes?

YMBA live instruction virtual classes are offered during the year. Contact us anytime to be added to the virtual class announcements.

How can YMBA Learning Workbooks benefit my student?

Often the key to effective decision making is the clear understanding of the problem. The learning workbooks help students consider the results of business and life decisions. From the positive (investments) and negative (credit cards) effects of interest, reading credit reports, considering the true cost of owning a car, and much more students can consider their choices in the long term, before making these choices in their actual life. Essential adult skills such as making a budget, writing a check, or understanding the goal of a marketing advertisement, bring a new perspective. The YMBA learning workbooks discuss and demonstrate with examples students enjoy.

How can I supplement or discuss YMBA topics with my student?

Ideas .. While out shopping, pause and ask your student to complete the percentage off. Present two products, same item, but different size boxes, ask which is a better deal. While driving ask for help computing the distance to the destination and how long it will take at your current speed. Anywhere there are numbers can present an opportunity for a real world strategy or solution.

Is there a way for my student to demonstrate learning success?

At the end of each business subject learning workbook is a quiz. The quiz serves as a review and a chance for student demonstration of understanding. Parents have shared they use the same quiz (with the answers written on a separate piece of paper) as a pre-test as well.

Does YMBA offer a certificate of completion?

Yes! Students enjoy proudly displaying their success! At the end of each learning workbook is a certificate of completion. Students have shared with us their photos with their framed and refrigerator displayed certificates and they look great! That is what motivates YMBA and the reason we are here. Thank you for sharing the photos!

How can YMBA help my student find future success?

The YMBA business and life topics appear every day. From comparing percent sales to interest rates, credit card costs to budgeting, YMBA helps to develop an understanding of these items. The introduction to the terms, formulas, and concepts develops an understanding of aspects to consider when selling an item, spending or budgeting, and their role as a customer/consumer. An informed YMBA student is better prepared to make spending and savings decisions as they begin their post-high school years. We are honored to be a part of their future success!