Beginner's Mind

In wonder, his hand retreats

from his father’s grasp.

He stamps his small foot

askew from his direction,

then leaps to follow

this new trajectory

towards his own mecca.

With a fierce jerk,

over he bends,

looks back between his legs.

“Yaaaaah” escapes

from an inner drummer.

He somersaults forward

onto wet cut grass

sticking in clumps

all down his back.

A yellow moth

flutters overhead

just out of reach.

He heaves up his arms.

Spreads his novice fingers.

Runs open-mouthed

in wild pursuit

as he grasps fistfuls of sky.

That opaque eyes

and listless steps

could stay at bay

a little longer

before mannered ways

and distant doubts

tame a mighty universe

all his own.

First published by The Sunlight Press July 16, 2019

Photo by Marc Wilnauer on Unsplash