The Theatre Arts program at Morro Bay High School strives to create a space for students to explore their creative and artistic selves through theatrical expression and production. The Arts are an integral part of education and serve as a great complement to core instruction areas, especially literacy. The Theatre program aims to offer students the maximum amount of performance opportunities possible. With this in mind, the objectives of the program are as follows:

  • Introduce students to various forms of theatre such as plays, musical theatre, comedy troupes, contemporary styles, cabarets, etc.
  • Provide ample training in acting, singing, choreography, public speaking, and improvisation
  • Familiarize all students with basic aspects of technical theatre and integrate an advanced technical theatre program
  • Expose students to professional processes of audition, casting, and production to ensure career readiness after graduation
  • Offer the opportunity of performance in a safe environment both on small and large stages
  • Develop a culture of high expectations and standards that is implemented and maintained through peer leadership
  • Instill a love of the arts in students and maximize art’s potential to positively affect students' lives in the most fun way