Look & Feel Beautiful

Our vision at MB Day Spa is to be the go-to destination in the NOVA area for expert laser hair removal, waxing, microblading services, hair styling and hair treatments. We are dedicated to transforming our clients' beauty and confidence

A Full Service Experience

Laser Hair Removal 

Wax Hair Removal 

Microblading & Tatoo 

Hair Salon Services

MB Day Spa located in Falls Church, Virginia, the family-owned Spa has specialized in laser and wax hair removal for over a decade. 

We are committed to offering affordable, effective, and efficient treatments. 

MB Day Spa uses a family organic sugar wax recipe for our Waxing Services and state-of-the-art Triton lasers that are effective on all skin and hair types for our Laser Services.   

We are dedicated to ensuring your experience is as beautiful as your results.