About Us

Est 06.28.2016

We are a growing force in the fashion and social media world. Maylink was started to honor the memory of the founders Great Grandmother Tommie Mae Link who passed away with cancer in 2006. We started selling neckties and scarves but have expanded into making and designing stylish fashion while also creating breathtaking works of art through graphic art and digital photography. We recently celebrated our 2nd year annaversay and look forward to many more years.


Owner, Designer, Photographer

Nicholas Hicks

Maylink was founded in 2016 by Nicholas Hicks in honor of his great-grandmother who died of cancer. Since then Nicholas attended college and graduated with a degree in business administration.


I have always loved art as a kid and found an escape in both learning and understanding how we as humans express and share our individuality with others but at the same time make deep and personal connections.

I started selling rare vintage neckties and grew to creating my own designs and wanted to have more meaning than just another retailer. With my limited funds I have touched thousands of peoples lives and have donated time and money to the community.

This business is a source of outreach for me and also a way to fulfill my promise to my great grandmother which was to make her proud. So any business that you give goes towards helping that promise become reality.