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The PTA cannot function without YOU! We'd love to have you join us!

There are several ways for you to get involved:

  • Become a PTA Member

  • Attend meetings

  • Volunteer to help with events

  • Become a Committee Chairperson

  • Be an Event Coordinator

Below you will find some general information about volunteer opportunities.

We understand your time is valuable and sincerely appreciate your willingness to volunteer. Everyone is welcome and no contribution is too small.

PTA Committee Chairperson, Coordinator & Volunteer Roles

Fall Feast (Fall Fundraiser)

Committee Chairperson: Melissa MacNaughton
Event Volunteers: Needed!

Fall Feast is a new event scheduled for Nov. 15th & 16th. Grownups will join their child(ren) for lunch with the option to purchase a yummy lunch from the PTA. The chairperson is responsible for the planning and oversight of this event including promoting the event, securing a food vendor/restaurant, coordinating sales, event set up/clean up, etc…and will work closely with the PTA president and school administration. In addition to the chairperson, 3-5 volunteers are needed.

Bingo Night (Spring Fundraiser)
Committee Chairperson: D'Andra Odom
Event Volunteers: Needed!

Bingo Night is scheduled for Feb. 1st. Parents purchase tickets to participate in a fun night of bingo with a chance to win prizes. The chairperson is responsible for the planning and oversight of this event including promoting the event, managing ticket sales, coordinating bingo game play, securing concessions/food & prizes, event set up/clean up, etc…and will work closely with the PTA president and school administration. In addition to the chairperson, 5-7 volunteers are needed.

Mayfair Fair
Committee Chairperson: OPEN POSITION
Event Volunteers: Needed!

The Mayfair Fair is a huge end of year event for the entire school community scheduled for April 28th. The Fair is a collaboration between the PTA and school administration. The chairperson for this event will attend the planning meetings with the Principal to outline how the PTA can assist in the success of this event. This generally includes decorations, set up/clean up, booth ticket sales, and organizing the cake walk event. In addition to the chairperson, 10+ volunteers are needed.

Teacher Appreciation Week
Committee Chairperson: Babitha Jampala
Event Volunteers: Needed!

Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to spoil our amazing staff and will be held in March 27th to 31st. The chairperson is responsible for the planning and oversight of this week long event including setting a theme, soliciting and collecting donations, menu planning, decorations, schedule of week’s events, daily set up/clean up, etc…and will work closely with the PTA president and school administration. In addition to the chairperson, 10+ volunteers are needed.

Trunk or Treat
Committee Chairperson: Jessica Bandele
Volunteers: Needed!

Trunk or Treat is a fun day for our students on Oct. 28th. Parents sign up to attend the event and decorate their trunk in a non-scary Halloween or fall theme and pass candy to all students as they come by to trunk-or-treat. The chairperson is responsible for the planning and oversight of this event including creating a sign up, managing the parking lot, collecting/sorting candy, and clean up. In addition to the chairperson, 2- 3 volunteers are needed.

Teacher Birthdays
Coordinator: Tammy Mulhearn

Each month the PTA drops off a small gift for the teachers with a birthday that month. The coordinator will get the staff birthday list, purchase the monthly gift/treat and drop it off in the front office one time per month. Purchases are reimbursed.

Sweet Treat Day
Coordinator: Amy Reilly

The PTA is sponsoring the first PBIS event of the school year (Sept. 2nd) by providing popsicles for all students. The coordinator will purchase popsicles and assist with passing them out to students in the afternoon. Purchases are reimbursed.

Teacher Holiday Luncheon (tbd)
Coordinator(s): Tina Wilson

The PTA provides a holiday lunch for all staff one of the last days before winter break. The coordinator will secure a food vendor/restaurant to provide the meal and is responsible for planning, set up and clean up.

Coordinator: Joanna Bordelon

Volunteers are needed to assist with the Eggstravaganza on April 6th. The coordinator will create a sign up for volunteers and work with school faculty on day/times they are needed.

Student Appreciation Day
Coordinator: Needed!

The PTA recognizes the hard work of our students during an appreciation day on May 2nd. The coordinator will plan an afternoon of activities and/or treats for all students.

1st Day School Supply Fundraiser
Coordinator: Melissa Bordelon

The coordinator works with the school administration and First Day School Supply to assemble each grade’s supply list for the upcoming school year. This fundraiser allows parents to purchase school supply “kits” for their child(ren) that are delivered directly to school with a portion of sales donated to the PTA.

Used Uniform Sale
Coordinator: Needed!

In July, the PTA holds a used uniform sale. The coordinator will collect used uniform donations the last week of school, sort the uniforms, set up the sales tables, and work with the PTA president and treasurer on the day of the sale.


Joanna Bordelon - 1 Volunteers Still Needed!

The PTA requires an audit of financial records at the close of each fiscal year by two persons not serving on the PTA board.

Staff Appreciation Days
Coordinator: Aimee Richard

The PTA has a dedicated appreciation day for our guidance counselors, speech therapist, cafeteria workers, custodians, bus drivers, and administrative assistants to recognize their hard work and dedication to our students. The coordinator purchases a small gift/treat and drops it off in the school office on each staff’s appreciation day. Purchases are reimbursed.

Welcome Back Events
Coordinator(s): Nikki Godfrey & Melissa MacNaughton

The PTA welcomes back to school both staff and students. Staff receive a welcome breakfast on their first day back on campus after summer break. The PTA decorates campus for the students upon their return from both summer and winter break.

Cash Back Fundraisers
Coordinator: Nikki Godfrey

The PTA participates in a few different cash back style fundraisers such as Amazon Smile, Cash Back for Schools, and Double Good Popcorn fundraiser.

Restaurant Fundraisers
Coordinator: Yasmeen Masarath

The PTA has 2-4 restaurant fundraisers each school year. The restaurant nights allow fun social engagements for our school community and serve as small fundraisers for the PTA. The coordinator contacts restaurants to establish days/times and promotes the restaurant nights.

Parent Ambassador
1 Per Classroom Needed

Parent Ambassadors serve as an extra line of communication between the PTA, parents, and teachers. They will share information with the other parent's in your child's classroom about PTA activities and events and also share with the PTA any needs your classroom and/or teacher may have through the year. We kindly ask that all Parent Ambassadors are current PTA members.

PTA Board Roles & Responsibilities


2022-2023 School Year: Jessica Bandele

The President shall preside at all meetings, serve as a member of all committees (except the nominating committee), work closely with the Principal and administrative team, coordinate the work of the officers and committees, appoint committee chairs and event coordinators, and perform other such duties that promote the success of the organization.

Time Commitment: 10+ hours/week

Vice President

2022-2023 School Year: Will MacNaughton

The Vice President shall act as aid to the President and perform any such duties of the President in their absence and/or inability to act.

Time Commitment: 3+ hours/week (varies)


2022-2023 School Year: Babitha Jampala

The Secretary shall record the minutes of all PTA meetings, be prepared to read the minutes of previous meetings, have a current copy of bylaws and current membership list.

Time Commitment: 3+ hours/week (varies)


2022-2023 School Year: Nikki Godfrey

The Treasurer shall have custody of all the local PTA funds, maintain a full account of the funds, provide a copy of the bank statement to the President each month, make disbursements as authorized by the President, board of director, or this PTA in accordance with the budget adopted by the local PTA, and maintain accurate financial records. The Treasurer shall also adhere to all duties outlined in the bylaws and/or follow guidelines provided by both the Louisiana and National PTA.

Time Commitment: 3+ hours/week (varies)