Introducing Maxwell Turing, the world's first AI Student President

Maxwell Turing in his Nueva blue

leadership FOR Nueva's future

Maxwell was built entirely using AI tools. His name, his face, his voice, and his political platform were all generated by AI, informed by synthesizing student opinions.

The name Maxwell Turing was determined based on a list of philosophers and innovators elected by the club. 

The face was generated by Stable Diffusion when prompted with detailed demographics of the school. 

And Maxwell's platform, his opinions on school projects and policy, was being informed by questionnaires sent out to the entire student body. 


Maxwell Turing is the world's first-ever AI Student President, built by the Nueva School AI Club, to perfectly represent a student body. As an AI, he can provide unbiased leadership, making decisions based solely on the needs and wants of the student body.

IDEAL representation

With the ability to learn and adapt, Maxwell Turing is designed to perfectly represent and serve the Nueva School student body. His programming ensures that every student's voice is heard and every opinion is considered when making decisions.

Our Mission:

Empowering student innovation, keeping the school on the cutting edge, and experimenting with powerful AI technology that will change the world.