Ground Transportation for a Better World

Designed by Max V. Nimos

Features of the RailJet:

  1. Powered by electric motors for ultimate reliability and zero pollution.
  2. Suspended by 2 pairs of metal wheels for ultimate simplicity.
  3. Average cruising speed: 300 mph .
  4. Separate baggage car follows behind passenger car for safety.
  5. Earthquake resistant - the main pillars can move a meter without damaging rail integrity.
  6. Simple and economical modular design - the rail can be attached to pillars with ease.
  7. The rail can span very rough terrain while leaving a small footprint with minimal land disturbance.
  8. Special cable pillars can support a rail span of over 1000 meters for crossing rivers or canyons.
  9. Power source: 3-phase high voltage, DC current through superconductors, or supercapacitors that charge during stops.