we optimize your Marketing, focusing on digital to create leads for your business.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstien

1 - Audit

Where is your money going, and what are you getting back for it? What is the cost of a lead with your current system?

We will tell you how it is! Your current reps will be inviting you to Golf & Lunches.

2 - plan & Execute

We come in and give you our stack of successful strategies that have been proven to work. We have Strategies for Social, Reputation, Content, and Paid Advertising.

We optimize your spending for LEADS!

3 - Adjust & Repeat

We then review all changes and then optimize them further. This can be done in an endless loop as Digital and Consumer behavior is ever-changing. Technology & Platforms are literally changing daily.

Example - CTA button color and words you click on your website to make a purchase.

I got a Victory Royale @ Nada 20 Group for Team Ford

It was a big deal winning a NADA 20 Group Best Idea within a group. I had a great partner Chris the GM of Team Ford, Pitch the idea and WIN, a Victory Royale. Ideas like this, Car Show, and Community outreach is what I do to separate you from the Curated Corporate Content Crap most of you are producing/re-posting via your franchise and big agencies. How are you going to win if you are all doing the same thing?

the most important message in marketing today.

This is the basis of any great marketing and lead generation machine. I will always present this in any meeting and or presentation. As YOU need to understand, you need SEO, UX, CRO, PPC, Content and more but it needs to be UNIQUE to your organization.

No one wants to see REGURGITATED Curated Corporate Content Crap.


If you are doing the same thing as your Competitor, who is doing the same thing as advised by the big box marketing agency, which is doing the same thing as a competing marketing agency, how do you expect to surpass them?

It is like everyone is using the same recipe in a Restaurant. You are all pretty much the same, with no major innovation, same as the last 10 years.

Meanwhile, Nobu enters the market with a Peruvian and Japanese Fusion EXPERIENCE. Wine a Michelin Star. Promote your ADVANTAGES!

even elon can change his mind

Smart People have the capacity to change their mind if they have more information, environment change, legal change, or simply hears a BETTER IDEA.

Elon Musk shows that even he will listen to anyone with a better idea, even a YouTuber. Just in conversation, he realized that the person was right and literally change the SPACE X program. Then you ask why he is taking over the world because he is able to humble himself and change, not married to an idea or process. He is married to SUCCESS.

Jeff Bezos also does this.


I represented Team Chevrolet at the NADA GM Event in 2022. My takeaway from interacting and seeing so many Dealers, Owners, and General Managers was that out of approximately 3,300 Chevrolet Dealers in the USA. Only a fraction of that is maximizing the service General Motors offers its dealers. The people in GM are a wealth of Knowledge and have a vested interest in making your franchise sell more vehicles. I have never had a bad experience with a GM Team Member.

Nada Lincoln Dealer Only Event

I had the honor to represent Team Ford Lincoln at the 2022 Lincoln Event. My biggest takeaway was that Tesla had taken over 25% of the Medium Luxury SUV Market. Ford and Lincoln are aggressively pursuing Electric Vehicles. Lincoln is creating a stand-alone location to create a Luxury EXPERIENCE. When I heard this, I was excited. Picture - Kumar Galhotra, President Ford Blue.

Show Off Sunday

Show Off Sunday Car Meet started as a way for Locals to Meet and Share their passion for cars. While creating community outreach.

Car Show 1st of May

YouTuber and Local Car Celebrity Live Streaming from the Automotive Group Car Show. Sunday, 1st of May 2022.

Car Show 1st of May

Rodder Files Live YouTuber streaming live from the Team Automotive Group Car Show. Sunday, 1st May 2022.

Branding Coin CLoud

I created the Brand Identity Package for Coin Cloud BTM, which is still used today.

I also termed the phrase the 'Blue Box.'

UNLV Professor

I am a UNLV Professor in Digital Marketing this video is from a YouTube course. I was involved in showing how fast you can upload content.

Website - RWB Ph

I created the Website and Image for RWB Philippines, which is no longer up. Still was a great experience. I can create leads but can not run a business for you.
That's on YOU!

I Love cars & Drifting

I dont only like Cars. I LOVE Cars. I dont follow Sports, Watch Reality TV, and I don't follow Celebrities. I breathe cars.

^^^ This is Me, Drifting in the Philippines.


I enjoy DISRUPTING just for fun, experimenting, and breaking what people think it should be. Purist Hate Me!

The old men approved it. It is a functional Drift Car. (They are Hot Rod Guys Disrupting for Decades)

my why? family

If you ever want to know my motivation, it is very simple. To provide an amazing life experience for my family and especially my Children.

In my opinion, you have to lead by example, not words.