I created this website to put together the different threads that characterise my professional life.

Just like those mountains, my work has multiple facets, foundations, areas for long-term expeditions and peaks or caves for further exploration.

So, dear reader, here is an overview of what I do!

Please reach out to me if you want to talk more: mxm(dot)stauffer(at)gmail(dot)com

Values and beliefs

I perceive work as the instrument that allows me to bring about more of what I value. What are my values? My moral compass is broadly construed around consequentialism, longtermism and a set of virtues such as using reason, learning continusouly and being a principled actor whenever possible. I find the framework of resilience useful to think about preserving our world and generating value. I believe that political institutions, such as governments and international organizations, are essential in fostering resilience across the globe and over long time scales.


I work at the intersection of complexity science, decision and behavioural sciences and evidence-based policy-making. I'm sympathetic to the work of the Sante Fe Institute, the Complexity Science Hub in Vienna and the Centre for Adaptive Rationality. My research interests lie in how the behaviour of individual agents and their network topology lead to the emergence of macro-level phenomena such as conflicts and policies. My work focuses on providing support to policy networks with the aim to strenghten decision-making.

Past and current positions

I happily advise students and young professionals on their research or policy careers. I review academic work for publishing houses.


I hold a BA in International Relations with a specialization in political science (2014-2017).

I have spent a lot of time self-teaching programming, statistics and modelling.

I'm pursuing a part-time degree in Computational Mathematics at Johns Hopkins University.

Here is my CV.