Let's Play. One Track at a Time.

What sparks your curiosity? What lights you up? I believe that we all find our way to what we love the most through play. Play guides us effortlessly into learning, creativity, physical activity, and even productivity or flow state.

Music is a creative expression that lights me up! It's the most fun way I've found to share about what I love and value in the world. My tracks have a life of their own and would never come into being without my own adventures and time committed to playing. Exploring nature with my family and friends, experimenting with instruments in my studio, having curious conversations with new folks, and observing the world around me.

Dive into the magical world of music with me. Sing along, dance to the beat, or make time for your own creative exploration. 

Never miss a release.

I release a new track every Monday on your favorite music platforms. Follow along with me and my musical collaborators as we share great music that folks of all ages enjoy. Sign up for weekly reminder messages via email and/or text (your choice!) letting you know about the latest track available. 

Find Inspiration with Max Makes Music

"Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time."

-Jean-Michel Basquiat