A video blog walking through the places of MAUS: book 1

In the summer of 2017, Fund for Teachers granted me the opportunity to go to Europe and follow in the footsteps of Vladek Spiegelman, the main character in MAUS. These videos were created to use in my 8th grade Holocaust unit. We read MAUS book 1. The videos are designed to watch after reading each chapter. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email me through the contact page.

Chapter 1 of MAUS takes place mostly in Sosnowiec, Poland. Here, we meet Vladek and Anja, the parents of Art Spiegelman.

Chapter 2 continues in Sosnowiec. Anja is sent to Czechoslovakia for depression. The presence of the Nazism becomes more noticeable.

In Chapter 3, Vladek fights against the Germans and is soon captured. He is sent to a work camp and eventually manages to make it back home.

In chapter 4, Vladek returns from the POW camp to find life is carrying on in Sosnowiec. The Nazis have imposed orders which make life and work very difficult for Jews. Soon, the Nazis begin to round up Jews, sending them to ghettos or concentration camps.

Chapter 5 shows how the characters are forced into the ghetto and into concentration camps.

In chapter 6, Vladek and Anja hide out near Sosnowiec. They make a deal with smugglers to get them out of the country, only to be betrayed at the Katowice train station.

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