What are the ages of the women?

The women that you will find on our websites are all over 30 and some women get as old as 80.

Are these free webcam sites?

Some of these are free webcam sites but they all accept tokens especially if you are going to chat with the ladies.

Is there really naked mature women?

Although most of the women you see will have clothes on most of them will get naked for you. Although some of them will not do it in public chat because fear of being found out and they don't want everyone to see them nude.

Can you go out on a date with them ?

If they live near you or you are willing to fly to them as long as they consent, sure anything is possible. Please be aware though some of them do not want to meet up but some of them want to. You have to ask the individual person.

Will these women use big dildos while talking to you?

The best part about this question is that is what most of them look forward too. They want you to talk about how you want to fuck their old pussys and give them the ride of their life.