Champagne Location Recording

Audio and Video Recording by Matthew Champagne

Here I am. Portrait by Doug Fellegy

From Meaningful Collaboration, Compelling Media

Hi! I'm Matt Champagne, and I make, edit, and deliver compelling audio and video recordings of

  • small and large ensembles of musicians from cultures spanning the globe presenting music from across the ages, and
  • people talking.

Recording makes the ephemeral eternal. This idea informs everything I do, and I take it very, very seriously. I foster a relaxed and supportive atmosphere that allows my collaborators to do their best work. With over twenty years' experience capturing thousands of performances and enabling musicians to share their artistry with the world, I look forward to helping you, too!

This site features samples of my audio and video work. If you need some recording and like what you hear and see, email or call/text me at (765) 719-1773. I'm based in Bloomington, Indiana and don't mind driving a few hours to work on something interesting.

An hour of recording starts at $150; here's a link to my rate card.