Matt Champagne

Audio and Video Production

Lighting is hard.

Hi. I'm Matthew Champagne, and I have two decades of experience making, editing, and delivering compelling recordings of

  • small and large ensembles of musicians
  • from cultures spanning the globe
  • presenting music from across the ages, and
  • people talking.

I'm comfortable discussing nuances of musical expression and interpretation or receding into the background; my goal is to serve the music and the musicians I work with. Recording makes the ephemeral eternal. This idea informs every aspect of my work, and I take it very, very seriously.

This site features samples of my audio and video recordings. If you need some recording and like what you hear and see, email or call/text me at (765) 719-1773. I'm based in Bloomington, Indiana and don't mind driving a few hours to work on something interesting.