Video Games


So Spoke the Leviathan(2020): A web based puzzle-platformer/adventure game I made for my GDD325 class with a team of 3 other people. I was the sole programmer and writer. It includes features like branching dialogue and a perlin-noise based underwater shader.

Deeper We Delve(2020): A web based isometric CRPG I developed by myself for the Ludem Dare 46 game jam. I developed it in 48 hours and it has features like, combat, random party member generation and branching dialogue with stat checks.

The Last Cookie Stand (2020): A web based tower defense game I made for my GDD325 class with a team of 3 other people. Made in only 3 weeks, it includes features like dialogue, randomized enemy waves and a variety of units.

NecroDungeon (2019): An Android-based Bullet-Hell/Roguelike I made as part of my GDD 200 class with a team of 3 other people. We used Agile methodologies and worked weeks ahead of the rest of the class. I helped create the design document and modified it as we made changes. It won best mobile game at the Stout Game Expo.

Thomas the Turtle Teaches Touch Typing (2019): A typing game I made as part of the GMTK 48 hour game jam working with an artist and a composer. It was the 10th most reviewed game of the 2600 entrants and (briefly) the top typing game on It received positive feedback from streamers including Extra Credits.

Enchant My Sword (2019): A dating sim/bullet hell I designed as part of a team for one of Stout’s 48-hour game jams. It included multiple endings and adaptive difficulty. It won the award for “Best use of Theme”.

Breathless (2018): A turn-based puzzle game/dungeon crawler I designed with help from an artist for Stout’s fall 2018 48-hour game jam.

Zero Engine/Zilch Script

Gladiator (2017): A top-down wave-based action game I made as part of a 3 person team for Digipen’s month-long “Project Fun” k12 summer program. The game included ten different bosses with unique attack patterns, mechanics and soundtracks that I composed. It also included other enemies and multiple classes with different styles of play.

Traditional Games

MistWorld: A TTRPG I am currently building.

Faustian Auction(2018): A bidding based board game with short rounds. This was a solo project I made for my GDD100 class.