MATTHEW ROLANDO GARZA (they/them) is a Queer Tejanx/Latinx performance artist, Contemporary Afro-Latin choreographer, healer & educator. Co-Founder + Creative Director of The Haus of Glitter Dance Company, Garza’s work explores the relationship between the individual human body and the collective body. Recently named the Inaugural Artist in Residence for the Providence Arts + Culture + Tourism Department and Parks Department, Garza and their family have spent the last two years living in the former home of Esek Hopkins, commander of the slaveship “Sally.” He was awarded the RI State Council for the Arts Fellowship in Choreography (2019) and in New Gentes (2021). With experience as a dancer + performer, curriculum writer + designer, 10 year classroom educator, professor of theatre + dance, community organizer, and meditation + yoga teacher trainer, Garza aims to cultivate compassionate spaces for communities to practice strength, justice, care, & revolutionary movement together. Garza holds a B.A. in Education History from Brown University ‘11 and a dual M.A. in Educational Theatre & Social Studies Education from NYU. In their free time, Garza enjoys resting, glitter, painting, singing, dismantling systems, eating spaghetti, and making masks/costumes.