Topology of Manifolds:

Interactions between high and low dimensional topology

Summer School

January 7 to 11, 2019

Lecture series

Diarmuid Crowley, Jim Davis and Kent Orr:

Surgery; high-d methods in low-d

Wolfgang Lück:

The (stable) Cannon Conjecture

András Stipsicz:

Invariants of knots from Heegaard Floer homology


January 14 to 18, 2019

Invited speakers

Bea Bleile (University of New England)

Sylvain Cappell (NYU Courant Institute)

Jae Choon Cha (Postech)

Jen Hom (Georgia Tech)

Qayum Khan (Saint Louis University)

Daniel Kasprowski (University of Bonn)

Peter Lambert-Cole (Georgia Tech)

Ana Lecuona (University of Glasgow)

Adam S. Levine (Duke University)

Jessica Purcell (Monash University)

Lisa Piccirillo (University of Texas at Austin)

Hyam Rubinstein (University of Melbourne)

Abigail Thompson (UC Davis)

Format and Goals

This meeting will bring together students, postdocs, and researchers from all over the world to stimulate research on fundamental questions in manifold theory. It will promote the interaction between researchers in high and low dimensional topology.


The meeting is structured as follows: mini-courses in the first week by world experts (Crowley, Davis, Lueck, Stipsicz), which will include a special lecture by Kent Orr, and a conference in the second week. Both weeks focus on open problems and will allow ample time for collaborative work.

Research aims:

There are two main research aims for this meeting. The first is to identify settings for synergy from the interaction between high and low dimensions and to make progress on problems in these settings. The second is to produce a high-quality problem list to guide future research in manifold topology. It is our hope that a well-crafted and publicized problem list arising from the collaboration during the meeting will be of long-term benefit to the mathematical community.

Interaction at the meeting and problem list:

The following link in the Manifold Atlas will serve as platform for interaction:


The links for Wolfgang Lück's slides for the lecture course in the first week are now available:

Abstracts for week 2

Click on a name below to uncover the abstract. To download a pdf version click here.


Both weeks will take place at the MATRIX Research Institute.

MATRIX institute - 4 Water Street, Creswick 3363

Follow this link on the Institute's website for detailed information about travelling to Creswick.


For information about the on-site facilities please follow this link on the Institute's website:


Bea Bleile (University of New England)

Imi Bokor (University of New England)

Jonathan Bowden (Monash University)

Sylvain Cappell (NYU Courant Institute)

Jae Choon Cha (Postech)

Anthony Conway (Durham University)

Diarmuid Crowley (University of Melbourne)

Irving Dai (Princeton University)

Jim Davis (Indiana University Bloomington)

Stefan Friedl (University of Regensburg)

Fabio Gironella (Alfréd Rényi Institute in Budapest)

Sophie Ham (Monash University)

Joel Hass (UC Davis)

Fabian Hebestreit (University of Bonn)

Fabian Henneke (Hausdorff Center for Mathematics Bonn)

Jonathan Hillman (University of Sydney)

Craig Hodgson (University of Melbourne)

Jen Hom (Geogia Tech)

Josh Howie (Monash University)

Daniel Kasprowski (University of Bonn)

Ruth Kellerhals (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)

Qayum Khan (Saint Louis University)

Min Hoon Kim (Korea Institute of Advanced Study)

Peter Lambert-Cole (Georgia Tech)

Markus Land (University of Regensburg)

Ana Lecuona (University of Glasgow)

Adam Levine (Duke University)

Boris Lishak (University of Sydney)

Wolfgang Lück (University of Bonn)

Duncan McCoy (University of Texas, Austin)

Johanna Meumertzheim (University of Regensburg)

Maggie Miller (Princeton University)

Csaba Nagy (University of Melbourne)

Johnny Nicholson (UCL)

Kent Orr (Indiana University Bloomington)

Lisa Piccirillo (University of Texas, Austin)

Jessica Purcell (Monash University)

Carmen Rovi (Indiana University Bloomington)

Hyam Rubinstein (University of Melbourne)

Julia Semikina (Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Bonn)

András Stipsicz (Alfréd Rényi Institute in Budapest)

Dominic Tate (University of Sydney)

Abigail Thompson (UC Davis)

Stephan Tillmann (The University of Sydney)

Linh Truong (Columbia University)

Christoph Winges (University of Bonn)

Huijun Yang (Henan University)

Kevin Yin (NYU Courant Institute)


Jonathan Bowden (Monash University),

Diarmuid Crowley (The University of Melbourne),

James Davis (Indiana University Bloomington),

Stefan Friedl (University of Regensburg),

Carmen Rovi (Indiana University Bloomington),

Stephan Tillmann (The University of Sydney)

This event is supported by:

The University of Melbourne

Monash University

The National Science Foundation

The University of Sydney

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

The Australian Mathematical Society