The origins of "Matnogames" date back to the 80s, developing games for 8-bit computers. In 1995 was founded the one-person studio "Noguera Juegos", developing several games for PC such as "Puz Manía", "Alerta Roja" and "666 EDP", which were reissued, years later, for Wii and PSP. Between 2002 and 2015 are developed the last titles of "Noguera Games": "Strike Force Commando", "Cidsword" (unpublished) and "Sir Quest and the temple of Apollo". In 2016 the name of the studio is changed to "Matnogames" and a composer and a beta tester join the team. The first title developed by "Matnogames" is "Salacot Jack" that goes on sale in 2018 for Android and PC.

Pedro Mateos "Matnog" - CEO.