6th to 9th July 2020

Maths Meets Arts

at the Leicester Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Leicester

A four-day festival of talks, activities and workshops sharing recent and ongoing collaborations between artists and mathematicians.

All events were streamed to our Twitch channel and are now archived on Youtube.


6th July Maths & Games

7:30 - 7:45


Paul Monks, Head of the College of Science and Engineering

Henrietta O'Connor, Head of the College of Social Science, Arts & Humanities

7:45 - 8:15


Mateus Domingos, Hipolito Treffinger

Selected readings introducing the Tilting project, and a demonstration of a board game based on principles used within representation theory.

You can view the full Tilting story and essay at https://www.mateusdomingos.com/tilting/tilting.html.

8:15 - 8:35

Maths Garden

Jenny Hibberd, Katrin Leschke

A walk-through of our virtual garden space. The team will discuss their roles, process, challenges in the creation and future adventures.

You can download the Maths Garden (windows only) or play a scaled down web version (chrome, firefox) at https://mathsmeetsart.itch.io/maths-garden.

8:35 - 8:45


Tilting x Maths Garden

In conversation with Tilting & Maths Garden teams.

7th July Maths & Music


Maths & Music: Chapter Zero

Alberto Paganini, Lee Allatson, Wayne Rossman, Jenny Hibberd, Andrew Johnston

In conversation with our evening's artists.




Sounds of Soap Films

Lee Allatson, Wayne Rossman, Alberto Paganini

Discussion/presentation about surfaces, vibrations & sound (with videos & numerical simulations).



Lee Allatson, Wayne Rossman, Alberto Paganini

Q&A with audience. Post questions via Twitch chat.


Sounds of Surface

Jenny Hibberd, Andrew Johnston

Intro and video of immersive installation with live comments and subsequent talk.



Jenny Hibberd, Andrew Johnston

Q&A with audience. Post questions via Twitch chat.

8th July Maths & Dance


The Arts of the Finite Topology Conjecture

Chloe Aligianni

Film screening with live introduction.

Watch the film on Youtube here.

An article on our Maths Meets Arts project in the LMS newsletter. You can learn more details about the Finite Topology Conjecture there!


f:Countless Deformations - an open rehearsal

Chloe Aligianni, Lee Allatson, Balandino Di Donato, Dr Katrin Leschke

Join us for a maths based performance bringing together dance, music & motion sensing digital technology. A birds eye view into an open virtual rehearsal & the opportunity to interact with the artists.

9th July Maths & Creativity


Maths & Creativity: a teaser

Maths & Creativity Lunchtime session ticket




A series of short talks from mathematicians with arts intermezzos

7:35- 8:00 Matthias Weber: Wrapped Packages: The Power of Hidden Symmetries

  • infinite items: catenoid

8:05- 8:30 Joseph Cho: Shape generation via discrete p-holomorphic functions.

  • infinite items: Costa

8:35- 9:00 Gudrun Szewieczek: Proofs without words?!

  • infinite items: conjecture

9:10- 9:35 Tim Hoffmann: tba

Short films: Infinite Items

Lee Allatson

An excerpt from Lee's 2019 Infinity Core presentation, 'Infinite items' provides brief intermezzos to meditate on the boundless nature of artistic and scientific possibility.



Chloe Aligianni, Lee Allatson, Joseph Cho, Mateus Domingos, Andrew Johnston, Jenny Hibberd, Tim Hoffmann, Gudrun Szewieczek, Wayne Rossman, Matthias Weber

Q&A with audience, mathematicians and artists. Post questions via Twitch chat or Facebook event.

Participating Mathematicians & Artists

Chloe Aligianni

Chloe Aligianni is a Greek choreographer, artist and facilitator with an interest in creating outside conventional spaces and contexts as well as cross disciplinary collaboration. She is a Chisenhale Dance Space artist and supported by the studio Wayne McGregor FreeSpaceProgramme. Her work is funded by public and private organisations.

Lee Allatson

Lee Allatson is a musician based in Leicester, UK. His practice involves composition and improvisation using acoustic instruments, found or designed objects, electronics and field recordings. Projects and commissions have included solo and ensemble performances, as well as live and recorded responses to dance, film and static objects.

Balandino Di Donato

Balandino Di Donato is a digital artist, researcher and lecturer in Creative Computing at the University of Leicester. During his PhD at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (BCU), he explored the design of embodied interactions with audiovisual processes during music performance. His current research focuses on Digital Arts and Interaction Design.

Mateus Domingos is an artist and writer working in Leicester, UK. His work has included games, 3d printing, fictional alphabets, maps and filmmaking. His work explores narrative, place, text and language. He also runs a meetup for Leicester-based artists called FTP, and regular workshops for children at Phoenix.

Jenny Hibberd

Poet by surprise Jenny “hibword” Hibberd is a lateral thinker, artist, designer and musician who freelances for charities and organisations across the midlands. Her work spans immersive installation art, performance, graphic design and outreach workshop delivery engaging diverse vulnerable groups with lyric writing, music, arts and crafts.

Photo credit: Matt Coles

Katrin Leschke

Katrin is a reader in Differential Geometry at the University of Leicester. Her interests are in the theory of surfaces which are given by variational problems. In her work she uses computer experiments to gain insights into shapes.

Although not an artist, she still enjoys literature, theatre, movies and music.

Andrew Johnston

Andrew Johnston is a practicing digital artist working and performing in Leicester. He has a undergrad degree in Music Technology and a postgrad in Digital Art. His work uses audio-visual technology coupled with sensors and Arduino boards to realise realtime, interactive installations and standalone work.

A lecturer in mathematics at the University of Leicester, Alberto develops numerical algorithms and software for numerical simulation of natural phenomena. In this Maths meets Arts project he collaborates with Lee Boyd Allatson and Wayne Rossman to develop an artistic and mathematical perspective on the sound of surfaces

Wayne Rossman

Wayne Rossman is a mathematics professor at Kobe University in Japan, specializing in the differential geometry of surfaces.

He enjoys playing music as a hobby, and is always interested in the connections between mathematics and music.

Hipolito Treffinger

Hipolito Treffinger is a postdoc working in abstract algebra and representation theory. He is convinced that anyone is able to enjoy the beauty of mathematics and joined this team to explore this from an artistic perspective.

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