Pacific Northwest Mathematical Outreach Web

Pacific Northwest Mathematical Outreach Web

This is a Pacific Northwest regional network that provides shared resources, training, and overall support to leaders and participants of mathematical outreach enrichment and education programs.

The first step in creating this network is developing a list of regional programs. If you would like to be added to this list please contact Dr. Brandy Wiegers (

Ultimately this group should provide:

  • Local support for anyone starting math outreach programs.
  • A centralized math outreach training program.
  • Publishing opportunities with shared lesson ideas.
  • Online videos and other shared resources, with opportunities to collaborate for larger grant programs.
  • Group outreach events.
  • A sense of COMMUNITY for those of us who did this work.

I discussed this in more length at the PNW MAA Section meeting in June 2017, here are the slides for that presentation.