This is the place where my blog used to live. As it seems to have been a trend for some time across the Web - my blog has dried out. Deleted all of it.


I am Telecommunications Engineer turned Project Manager. Seasoned Project Manager, with vast experience in both Agile and Waterfall environments. Indeed, completed shitloads of projects all over the world.

In general - Project Management is easy. I think that the most interesting (and, admittedly, most difficult) part of PM'ing is stakeholder management. This is where fun is in this business. These days - sadly - most of the PMs I know work at various international corporations with areas of activities spanning across the globe with equally spread teams. In matrix organization structures you need to manage people over who you do not have any real power. This is why you need to manage these relations. This is the challenge and fun. There are a few books on this, I recommend for example Influence without authority.

There's another issue which often stems from the global presence of the corpo - fuzzy definition of responsibilities. I see that in many organizations - in modern corpo - it is so easy to play blame game, that sometimes it's even part of the culture. Very unprofessional. This is why I suggest following approach - if unsure - always assume it is your responsibility. I think Jocko Willink put this nicely in his Extreme Ownership.


Been studying Aikido since '92, was lucky enough to be uchi-deshi of TK Chiba sensei. Have reached yondan Aikikai and Shidoin.

I am the founder of Nairobi Aikikai, splinter dojo of Wroclaw Aikikai.


I have traveled all over the place, these were crazy times, we called it Siemens Travel Agency. Especially after I started teaching Intelligent Networks in the Training Centre in Berliner Siemensstadt. But then I settled in Kenya for a few years. It was interesting in a very different way (hence: Nairobi Aikikai). I tried to share the memories in an unpublished book, which I circulated among my friends. There are also a few smaller literary forms I created over the years. Nothing enlightening, just my impressions captured at that point in time...