Working Papers

Job Market Paper

Non-compliance in randomized control trials without exclusion restrictions.Submitted, available at

(Formerly circulated as "Identification and Inference of Post-Treatment Subgroup Effects.")


This study presents a method to identify treatment effects without exclusion restrictions for randomized experiments with non-compliance. It exploits a baseline survey that is commonly available in randomized control trials. I show the identification of the average treatment effect on the treated (ATT) and the local average treatment effect (LATE), assuming that a baseline variable maintains similar rank orders to the control outcome. I apply this strategy to a microcredit experiment with one-sided non-compliance to identify the ATT. I find that the instrumental variable (IV) estimate of log revenue is 2.2 times larger than my preferred estimate of log revenue. R package ptse is available for this analysis.

Privatization and Productivity in China.Submitted

Joint work with Yuyu Chen, Mitsuru Igami and Mo Xiao, (2018), SSRN Working Paper. [Link to SSRN]


We study how changes in ownership affect the productivity of firms. Privatization of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) was a major economic reform during China's rapid growth, but its true impact remains controversial. Although private firms seem more productive than SOEs, the government selectively privatized (or liquidated) non-performing SOEs, which complicates the measurement of productivity. We address this selection problem by incorporating endogenous ownership change into a nonparametric estimation method and exploiting a lag structure in data. Results suggest privatization conferred both short-run and long-run productivity gains. The private-SOE productivity gap is larger among older firms and in less economically liberal regions.