Masayuki SAWADA

Masayuki Sawada

(澤田 真行)

I am an Assistant Professor at Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Economic Research, Japan.

[CV: last updated 2021 Dec.]

Fields of interest are

Econometrics (Causal inference), Applied Microeconomics (Labor economics, Industrial organization)

Recent/Scheduled talks

  • November 18, 2022: University of Tokyo

  • October 14, 2022: 3rd Tohoku-ISM-UUlm Joint Workshop

  • July 6, 2022: Econometric Society 2022 Australasia Meeting (virtual)

  • June 23, 2022: IAAE annual meeting (London)


Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University

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GitHub: @SMasa11

I do NOT respond to emails asking for becoming a research intern.