ReElect Marty Lamb

Republican State Committeeman, for Massachusetts 2nd Middlesex Norfolk District

I'm running to help continue to grow the Party, not to maintain it and not to dwindle it. Massachusetts needs a strong vibrant Republican Party. It is not enough to have the Governor's office.

We need Republicans at all levels.

In the 1990s we won the Governorship but we did not focus on building the farm team. The same thing happened in 2014. It cost us dearly. I don't want to see those same mistakes made. As they say, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

We now have not only the corner office but a Party Chair who has committed to focus on the down ticket races. We must support Chairman Lyons and his commitment to elect more Republicans. I pledge my support to the Chairman and his visions for our Party.

Having run for office I know firsthand about the lack of support the lower tier candidates get. I want to help our Chairman change that!

As I begin this re-election campaign, I do so with the hope and confidence that I can depend on your support. I need the help of my close friends, like you, during the early stages of the campaign when it is especially tough to raise money. Will you join me in this important race?

We have new leadership on the State Committee that will put the Party ahead of personal gain. We need Committee members that will build and embrace the grassroots. We need Committee members that will focus on the entire ticket, not just one office. And we need members that will grow the party.

Those are the goals I will strive for as your State Committeeman.

As I have learned over the years, one person alone cannot win an election. I will need your help if I am to win this seat. Can I count on you once again? My treasurer estimates that I need to immediately raise $3,900 start printing cards, launch my social media effort and buy signs. Will you help me by sending a donation $1000, $500, $200, $100, $50 or $35 today?

I cannot stress enough that I must kick off my campaign with momentum and that will take money. Therefore, I need all the help I can get from good friends, like you once again, if I am going to be successful.

Your continued support would be truly appreciated.

Thank you,

Marty Lamb