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Photo By Tom Ervin Of The Palm Beach Post

Martin Nodell is most notable for creating a character we have come to cherish, The Green Lantern, but that's far from all he has accomplished. Through the 1950s and 60s he drew many storyboards (artwork) for TV commercials. The most notable among them is Poppin Fresh who is more commonly known as the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Martin Nodell has won countless awards over his years of touring the comic shows across America. He is most recognized for the following:

1985, 1994- the OrlandoCon Ignatz Award in Orlando Florida

1986- the Inkpot Award at San Diego Comic-Con

1990- the 50th Anniversary Award (Kansas City) [for creation of Green Lantern]

1992- the Diamond Comic Distributors Lifetime Achievement Award/Gem Award in Baltimore Maryland

And finally in 2011, The late Martin Nodell was inducted into the Will Eisner Award Hall Of Fame at the San Diego Comic-Con.