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Newlywed Boot Camp

Are you a newlywed who's loving marriage, but quickly realizing that marriage is not as easy as you thought it would be?

Are you discovering that ....

    • Communicating with your mate can be frustratingly difficult?
    • "Cute" things your spouse did while dating are now annoying?
    • Figuring out your married roles is confusing?
    • Forgiving your mate can be a challenge?
    • Being married hasn't made your insecurity disappear?
    • You're having more conflict with your mate than seems normal?
    • Social media is becoming an enemy of your marriage due to friends and old flames?
    • Some of the excitement and magic of the dating/engagement stage has fizzled?

If any of these sounds familiar, know that you're not weird, you're not alone, and most importantly, there's hope!

EVERY newlywed couple experiences these challenges at one time or another.

While they can be very tough and stressful to handle, the good news is that you don't have to handle them alone.

We're here to help!

Why Should We Do the Newlywed Bootcamp?

Researches suggest the first 6-9 months of marriage determine the trajectory of the marriage relationship. In other words, the habits you develop around communication, conflict, sex, money management, and relating to family & friends will show up in your marriage years down the road.

It's best to start right if you want to end right!

Schedule & Topics

The sessions will be live, and include an interactive discussion, real-life examples, a question and answer period, and activities for you to complete between sessions. Each session will be recorded, and you'll have access to the recordings and materials for life. All sessions are 7:00 to 8:15 PM EDT.

    • Dec 1: Roles in Marriage
    • Dec 8: a. How Happy Couples Handle Conflict & Help! We Can't Communicate
    • Dec 15: Four Stages of Love

Bonus: Busted 5 Blended Family Myths

Costs & Registration

The cost for the Newlywed Bootcamp is $49 per couple. It includes all sessions, recordings, and handouts. Enrollment is limited, so sign-up today!