Research Projects

Current Projects

  • Volkswagen Foundation: Who should get the vaccine first? How do COVID-19 vaccine allocation regimes affect citizens' global vs. national identities and priority preferences (Principal Investigator together with Pieter Vanhuysse, University of Southern Denmark and Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem). The project aims to inform policy-makers on the ethical preferences of citizens and the sensitivity of these preferences to different international allocation regimes.

  • Ministry of Science and Education (MWK Nds.): Smart Self-Service Systems in the Municipal Administration (Principal Investigator together with Christine Prokop, Twente University) and OFFIS. The project studies how smart self-service systems can be integrated into the local administration.

  • German Research Foundation (DFG) Research Group (FOR 2104): Need-based justice, group membership and expertise (Principal Investigator, Sub-Project B2). This project studies the influence of the procedure of collective needs-recognition on the legitimacy of the distributive choice under consideration of the expert hypothesis. (

  • Volkswagen Foundation, Research Cooperation Lower Saxony & Israel, Lower Saxony: The causal effect of public sector identity on moral behaviour (Principal Investigator together with Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem). The project studies the causal effects of public sector identity on moral behavior, values and motivations among public sector affiliates.

Completed Projects

  • Ministry of Science and Education (MWK Nds.), Lower Saxony: Results of Municipal Elections in Lower Saxony from 1996 to 2017: Development and Application of a new data set for the empirical study of municipal elections (Principal Investigator). [Supporting Material] [Web Application]

  • German Research Foundation (DFG) Research Group (FOR 2104): Needs-Based Justice and Distribution Procedures (Principal Investigator, Sub-Project B2). The aim of the project is to provide input for a positive and empirically informed normative theory of needs-based distribution procedures based on experimental evidence (

  • German Research Foundation (DFG) Research Grant: Legislative oversight of ministerial bureaucracy. Institutional design, formal modeling and experimental validation. (Principal Investigator together with Susumu Shikano, University of Konstanz). The goal of the research project is to analyze the effect that different institutional configurations of the delegation between politics and ministerial administration have, based on the Principle-Agent theory and to empirically validate a formal solution through laboratory experiments.

  • Fritz-Thyssen Foundation (FTS): Pro-social motives of civil servants in the context of administrative modernization. A field experimental analysis of subject-pool effects (Principal Investigator). This project uses lab-in-the field experiments to measure and compare prosocial behavior and risk preferences among three groups of students: public administration, economics and law.