Marketing Development


We are an independent research company located in the Antwerp Region. Since 1977, we have been active as a market research company and have been able to build a strong reputation in high quality and reliable marketing research over the years.

Originated as a BBDO Belgium subsidiary we are, since 1992, a management owned company. 

In recent time, we concentrate on 

mystery shopping, 

traffic surveys 

and quality measurement in logistic operations

but still we do marketing research survey projects,  mostly online. Here our software partner is Sparrow.  

BE 0417 410 794

Koekoekstraat 148 B

2630 Aartselaar

phone : 32 2 247 77 80

fax : 32 3 247 77 80 

Office times

monday - friday

8.45 -  17.15