Mario Walzberg
Making Music Moves Me Most


If you want to know more about me and my music you've come to the right place!
I'm a music composer and arranger, lyrics-writer, singer, guitar player, performer,
studio-engineer, producer and a personal vocalists and performance coach.
A bit of everything... but enough to have a lot of fun making and recording music!

On this website you can read my (musical) biography and listen to some of my original music.
You can even find out how my recording studio 'StudiOjo' came about...

Please use the Menu above to find your way.... and enjoy! 

Click  here  to listen on YouTube to almost 3 hours of my original songs
(searching for "Mario Walzberg" inside YouTube will yield some more original songs).
Click  here  to read more information about those songs.
Click  here  to listen to just a few of my songs and read their lyrics. 

Almost all songs were recorded at and produced by me in  StudiOjo  (Wateringen, The Netherlands),
except for a few that were recorded many years ago with just a simple memo recorder in my living room.
All songs have been © registered with BUMA/Stemra, the Dutch musical rights organisation.