Mariona Segú

I am an Assistant Professor at THEMA and CY Cergy Paris Université since September 2021. I am an IEB Research Affiliate.

Previously, I was a Post-doc researcher at INED working on the ANR project WORKLIFE. I obtained a PhD in Economics from Université Paris-Saclay and RITM in 2020., for which I was awarded the AFSE PhD Prize.

My main research fields are Urban Economics, Housing Economics, Public Policy and Environmental Economics. I am interested in understanding housing markets, the structure and development of cities and the role played by public authorities. My recent research projects have addressed the tax on vacant apartments and the entry of airbnb in the housing market. My on-going projects focus on the development of bike-lanes networks, rent control regulation and zero-interest green loans. 

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You can contact me at:

Department of Economics (THEMA)

CY Cergy Paris Université

33 boulevard du Port

Office B146

F-95011 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex, France