Peer-Reviewed Publications

2019. What Matters Is Who Supports You: Diaspora and Foreign States as External Supporters and Militants' Adoption of Nonviolence. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 63(9): 2155-2179

— Covered by Peace Science Digest "Diaspora Support for Militant Groups Contributes to a Shift Towards Nonviolence"

2016. Research Findings on the Evolution of Peacekeeping, In Thompson, W. R, (ed.) Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Oxford University Press, Oxford (In Press) (with Ismene Gizelis and Han Dorussen)

Working Papers

  • Water or Gasoline? Civil Society in Contentious Scenarios (draft)
  • States' Repressive Repertoire and Domestic Dissent (draft coming soon)

Work in Progress

  • The Opportunity in Every Difficulty: Government Concessions and Wartime Nonviolent Resistance
  • Wartime Nonviolent Resistance and Conflict Outcomes
  • Conflict Escalation (with Massimo Morelli and Livio Di Lonardo)
  • External Support and Conflict Dynamics