Marica Valente

Hi everyone, welcome to my webpage!

I am a PhD student at the Berlin School of Economics.

I work at the Chair of Econometrics of the Humboldt University of Berlin, and the Energy, Transportation, and Environment Department of the DIW Berlin.

I am an applied economist interested in microeconometrics with a focus on methods of causal inference and machine learning. My applications are in the fields of environmental economics, conflict economics, labor and migration.

I am supervised by professors Bernd Fitzenberger and Jeffrey Wooldridge.

Upcoming presentations/seminars:

15-17/12/2019 - Erasmus University Rotterdam - Econometric Society European Winter Meeting 2019

20-21/01/2020 - Workshop on Causal Machine Learning - University of St. Gallen

20/02/2020 - Mercator Research Institute for Global Commons and Climate Change, Berlin (invited seminar)

Recent presentations/seminars:

26-27/11/2019 - Toulouse School of Economics - Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis: European Conference 2019

21/10/2019 - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (invited seminar)

27/09/2019 - Universidad de Barcelona (invited seminar)