Marica Valente

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

University of Innsbruck

Environmental economist with a passion for causal inference, big data, and machine learning.

Fields: environment, health, informal economy, migration, conflicts, gender.

Affiliations: Innsbruck Digital Science Center (DiSC), Innsbruck Decision Sciences (IDS), Institute for Public Policy Evaluation Trento (IRVAPP FBK), and DIW Berlin.

PhD (2020) @Berlin School of Economics (Humboldt) | Advisors: Bernd Fitzenberger, Jeffrey Wooldridge | Postdoc (2021) @ETH Zurich | Graduate (2015) @Toulouse School of Economics.

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Aug.31: Workshop on Energy & Machine Learning, Barcelona BSE

Sept 12: Behavioral & Experimental Econ Network (BEEN) Meeting, Trento

Sept 20: Innsbruck Decision Science Workshop (IDS), Innsbruck

Sept 28-29: Conference of the Austrian Economic Association, Salzburg

Nov 2-3: PSE-ETH Workshop on the Economics of the Transition to a Sustainable Society, Paris

Most recent:

June 14-15: BSE Summer Forum Workshop on Computational and Experimental Economics