Marica Valente

Assistant Professor (tenure track)

Department of Economics

University of Innsbruck

I am an applied economist interested in microeconometrics with a focus on causal inference and machine learning. My applications are in the fields of environmental and health economics, conflict economics, labor and migration.

I am Associate Editor of the Journal of Wine Economics and Frontiers in Climate.

I am affiliated to the Energy, Transportation, and Environment Department at DIW Berlin.

I am a PhD in Economics (2020) from the Humboldt University of Berlin under the supervision of Bernd Fitzenberger and Jeffrey Wooldridge. I hold a Master in Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics.


Chicago Booth, Machine Learning in Economics Summer Institute, Aug. 2022

University of Chicago, invited seminar, Women in Empirical Microeconomics, Aug. 2022

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Economic Sciences, Aug. 2022

Recent seminars:

EAERE, Rimini, June 2022

AL CAPONE America Latina Crime and Policy Network, Annual Meeting, May 2022