Curriculum Vitae


2019-present Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance Program in the School of Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies Arizona State University, New College

2014-2016 Faculty Lead, Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance Program in the School of Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies Arizona State University, New College

2013-2018 Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance Program in the School of Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies Arizona State University, New College

2006 - 2012 Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance Program in the School of Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies Arizona State University, New College

2003 Instructor for Introduction to Dance Composition University of California, Los Angeles

2001 Adjunct faculty teaching Modern Dance I, Introduction to Butoh, Physical Theatre Performance University of Alaska Anchorage

1995 -2004 Summer faculty for annual performance intensive based in Japanese Butoh held at the Chicago Cultural Center Hedwig Dances

1999-2003 Summer faculty for multi-arts intensive teaching dance, music, drama, visual art School of the Art Institute of Chicago

1993-2000 Assistant teacher for a 1st/2nd grade class. After-school instructor for special classes: Pre-ballet, Beginning Ballet University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

1993-1997 Modern Dance instructor for beginning to intermediate classes for university and community students Northwestern University Student Center


2004 University of California in Los Angeles Masters of Fine Art Department of World Arts and Cultures

1993 Northwestern University Bachelors of Science Department of Theatre


2016 SCRATCH multimedia performance installation in collaboration with Joseph Ravens

West Town Art Walk (Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago)

7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art (Toronto, Canada)

ArtSpace West Gallery (Arizona State University)

2005 - present DISORIENTALISM multimedia collaboration with New York artist Katherine Behar

2007-2017 Plugging Away and T.V. Maintenance two performance based videos. Venues include:

Nasty Women: Phoenix Unite, Grand ArtHaus, Phoenix

Naturehoodfullessness, Pieter, Los Angeles

The Wassiac Project, Hudson Beach Glass Beacon, New York

Mediations Biennale in Poznan Poland

Camouflash – International Artist’s Meeting in Germany

11th Annual DUMBO Arts Festival in New York

Friends of Chautauqua Show at ASU Herberger Institute’s School of Art

2016-2014 Maiden Voyage Multimedia installation. Venues include:

Radiator Arts | Radical Mediator for the Arts: New York City

WonderWomen (Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota) Juried exhibition

Encuentro 2014: Montreal - Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics

2015 iSpy Single channel video. Venues include:

Embodied Place: Observations and Notations (Sierra Nevada College) Juried exhibition

The Film Society of Minneapolis/Saint Paul

2012, 2014 Quality is Our Recipe Performance lecture. Venues include:

The Affective Factory Conference hosted by Women & Performance, NYC

Performing Economies Colloquium hosted by Techne Institute for the Arts and Emerging Technologies, The State University of New York at Buffalo

Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival, Chicago

2012 The Food Groups | Maiden Voyage (ISEA 2012 Conference) Artist talk

2012 Participation May Vary (Collider4 Exhibition Series, University of Akron) Kinect video game from The Food Groups | Brown Bagging installation

2012 The Food Groups | Brown Bagging (ArtSpace West, ASU) Solo show with interactive video game, sculpture, and single-channel videos

2011-2013 The Food Groups | Ready Mix 3D lenticular photography and sculpture. Venues include:

Girls Club Collection, Miami

Return to Rattlesnake Mountain: Wassiac Arts Festival 2012, New York

Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA), Portland, Oregon

PICA Time-Based Arts Festival 2011

2011 So Happy to Be Here in the 21st Century (Pacific Northwest College for the Arts Convocation 2011, Portland) Performance lecture

2011 The Wassiac Project Artist Residency (Wassiac, New York) Summer residency

2011 Plugging Away (The Wassiac Project, Hudson Beach Glass Beacon, New York)

2011 T.V. Maintenance Single-channel videos. Group show venues include:

Fire/Sky/Water…Reproduction, de la Cruz Collection, Miami

Everyday Charms @ O Cinema, Miami

2010 Guns-N-Gals (The Wassiac Summer Arts Festival, NY) Photographic and performance installation

2009 Disorientalism (ArtSpace West, ASU) Solo show of video, performance, and new art book The ABCs

2007 The Archaeology of the Mistaken Present (PSi#13, New York University) Performance installation at annual international performance studies conference

2007 Two By Two,View by View (11th Annual D.U.M.B.O Arts Festival, Brooklyn) Site-specific performance installation

2001-2017 YU Dance Theatre video artist and performance collaborator for choreographer Cheng-Chieh Yu

2017 Submerge screendance produced by YU Dance Theatre

2015 Submerge/Emerge Taipei Dance Circle commission (Taipei, Taiwan)

2014 Good Person in Body (i-DK HK, Hong Kong

2001-2005 Passage/Romp (Sola Dance Festival, Torrance CA.)

TRADE (Highways, Santa Monica CA.)

Bowl Problems (REDCAT, Los Angeles CA.)

Deer Diary (University of California, Irvine CA.)

2011 - 2014 THE SPACE BETWEEN Multimedia performance work in collaboration with composer Rob Mazurek. Venues include:

ASU West’s Second Stage West (Glendale, Arizona)

Old Town School of Folk Music (Chicago)

The BIG ROOM (New Haven, CT)

Chicago Cultural Center (Chicago)

FONT’s 10th Anniversary Festival (New York City)


2017 option_delete 2.0 6 min direction, editing

2017 Submerge 7 min direction, editing

2015 Lost & Found 10 min lead artist, editing

2014 Martiality, Not Fighting 10 min direction, editing

2011 Good Person 9 min direction, editing

2006 ‘til the last syllable of recorded time 13 min direction, editing

2004 Fasteners 8 min direction, editing

2004 FUSION 4 min direction, editing

2004 Remember/Everything 3 min direction, editing

2004 terrible things 4 min direction, editing

2004 my last good screw 3 min direction, editing

2004 Driveby 4 min direction, editing

2003 Garden Variety 7 min direction, editing

2003 Wandering 4 min direction, editing


2018 Migrations Dance Film United Kingdom screenings of Martiality, Not Fighting

2018 Multiplié Dance Film World premiere of option_delete 2.0 in Norway

2017 Light Moves Festival of Screendance Ireland premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2017 Dance Camera West and The Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs Martiality, Not Fighting installation screening at Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 3

2017 {te}che festival 2017 IV edizione Italy screening of Martiality, Not Fighting

2017 PANORAMA Vidéodanse - 9° Festival Itinerante de Videodanza AGITE Y SIRVA Bordeaux, France screening of Martiality, Not Fighting PANORAMA Vidéodanse - Program

2017 4º Festival Todos a jugar y a danzar Mexico City screening of Martiality, Not Fighting

2017 Stories We Dance International Video Dance Contest Genoa, Italy screening of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 51st Dimitria Festival - Athens Dance Video Project Greece screening of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 Choreoscope – The International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona Spain premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 20th Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival – Dancemania – Dance Video Malaysia premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 “Dancing Politics” Dance Moments– German Dance Archives Cologne & Goethe-Institute Kraków premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 Zurich Tazt 2016 - Schweizer Tanzarchiv Zurich and Lausanne premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 Dance Film Fest at Detroit Dance City Festival Detroit premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 24A Quinzena De Dance De Almada International Dance Festival Portugal screening of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 Athens Video Dance Project Greece premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 CINEDANS Amsterdam premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 Dance on Camera Festival - Dance Film Association / Film Society of Lincoln Center New York City premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 DANCE@30FPS - Wexner Center for the Arts Ohio premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 Breaking Ground: Contemporary Dance and Film Festival Arizona premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016 Contact Dance Film Festival at the Northwest Film Center/Portland Art Museum Portland, Oregon premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2016, 2015 Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema Colorado premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2015 LinkTv – Bodies in Motion Television network premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2015 International Screendance Festival - American Dance Festival ADF premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2015 The Romanian Architecture Annual 2015 Bucharest screening of Martiality, Not Fighting

2015 MIVSC São Carlos Videodance Festival Brazil premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2015 Museu do Oriente – Ciclo de Filmes InShadow Portugal screening of Martiality, Not Fighting

2015 Agite y Sirva Festival Itinerante de Videodanza. Venues screening Martiality, Not Fighting include:

Encuentro Nacional de Danza (Torreón, Coah., México)

International Dance Day IMACP (Puebla, México)

International Dance Day ICHICULT (Chihuahua, México)

Biblioteca Andrés Henestrosa (Oaxaca, México)

Foro 37 (Mexico City)

Teatro de la Ciudad - IMACP, Alianza Francesa Quadrivia (Puebla, México)

Entijuanarte 2015 (Tijuana, México)

4º Festival Angelopolitano de Danza (Puebla, México)

Festival Nellie Campobello (Chihuahua, México)

Festival El Cruce (Rosario, Argentina)

2015 Dance Camera West – Dance Media Film Festival Los Angeles premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2015 WASP – Working Art Space and Production Romania premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting as a part of Innovative Directions in Multimedia and Performing Arts Programme

2015 Ciné-Corps Festival de Films Sur La Danse France premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2015 EMPAC DANCE MOViE World premiere of Lost & Found commissioned and produced by the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media Performance Art Center, Troy, New York

2015 DUCTAC Gallery of Light Dubai premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting through Cairo Video Festival – 6th Edition Highlights

2014 - 2015 Performance Voyage 4 Single channel video Remember/Everything. Venues include:

(World Premiere) / La Neomudejar, Madrid, Spain

PAE Performance Art Event, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

MUU Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Hanasaari, Espoo, Finland

Interakcje Festival, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland

Art-Athina 2014 Art Fair, Athens, Greece

Paintbrush Factory, Lateral Artspace, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Galleria Napa, Rovaniemi, Finland

Days of Performance, Gallery Centre Varazdin, Croatia

Museum of Contemporary Art in Istria, Pula, Croatia

Not Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

TAL art space, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

Folkets Bio, Umeå, Sweden

Ses Voltes, Mallorca, Spain

Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö, Sweden

Visualcontainer, Milan, Italy

New Performance Festival, Turku, Finland

Sala Fenix, Barcelona, Spain

Hangar, Barcelona, Spain

Knockdown Center, New York, USA

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Scotland

KunstKraftWerk, Leipzig, Germany

2014 6th Cairo Video Festival Egypt premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2014 San Francisco Dance Film Festival U.S. premiere of Martiality, Not Fighting

2014 Voarte – InShadow International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies Portugal screening of Martiality, Not Fighting

2013 Dance Film Association and Film Society of Lincoln Center Dance for Camera Festival screening of Good Person (New York City)

2012 en route Dance Film Festival (web based) Global access to Good Person

2012 Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival (Chicago) Chicago screening of Good Person

2012 Nomad Express International Multi Arts Festival (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) West Africa premiere of Good Person

2012 Vigesima Quinzena De Dance De Almada Contemporary Dance Festival (Lisbon, Portugal) Portugal premiere of Good Person

2012 Dance Films Kino (Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago) Chicago screening of Good Person

2012 Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macau) Screening of Good Person

2011 LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) Los Angeles screening of Good Person

2011 Singapore Arts Festival Singapore premiere of Fasteners

2011 Global Flashpoints | Transnational Performance and Politics (UCLA’s Center for Performance Studies) Los Angeles premiere of Good Person

2009 Link Hall 30th Anniversary Chicago screening of ‘til the last syllable of recorded time

2008 University of Alaska Anchorage Alaska premiere of ‘til the last syllable of recorded time

2008 Anatomy Riot Los Angeles premiere of ‘til the last syllable of recorded time

2007 Dance for the Camera Chicago Cultural Center screening of ‘til the last syllable of recorded time

2006 She/Three World premiere of ‘til the last syllable of recorded time produced by Lucky Plush Productions

2006 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art Toronto screening of Fasteners

2006 Kinesthetic Kino San Francisco screening of Driveby

2006 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts San Francisco premiere of Fasteners

2006 Sundown Salon #029 Los Angeles screening of Driveby

2005 U.P.I Gallery Romania premiere of Fasteners and Driveby

2005 Pacific Film Archives Berkeley premiere of Driveby through the Women of Color Film Festival

2005 CanAsian Dance Festival Canada premiere of Remember/Everything

2005 Hertzoscopio Experimental &Trans-Disciplinary Arts Festival Portugal premiere of FUSION

2004 St. Petersburg’s International Dance Film Festival Moscow and St. Petersburg premiere of Fasteners

2004 Reel Venus International Film/Video Festival New York City premiere of Fasteners

2004 Dance Camera West International Dance Film Festival Los Angeles premiere of Driveby

2004 Seen+Heard Festival Atlanta premiere of Driveby, FUSION, terrible things

2003-2004 Occurences: the performative space of video (Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago Gallerie Soliel, Kentucky) Screening of Driveby and Remember/Everything

2004 FASTENERS Solo exhibition of videos created from 2001-2004 screened at UCLA

2003 2 nd DRC Dance Video Salon (Electric Lodge, Los Angeles) Premiere of dance video Garden Variety


2014 Would_You_Mind (Arizona State University, ArtSpace West) Performance installation with Chicago artist LeRoy Bach and New York theatre artist Will Bond

2005–2012 SECURITY SYSTEM |The Rooms site-specific and gallery installation work in collaboration with Chicago artist Joseph Ravens. Venues include:

2012 Security System V6 Wicker Park Festival, Chicago

2011 Room Two | The Dining Room Arizona State University, ArtSpace West Gallery

2008 Security System V5

Intrude: Art & Life 366, Zendai MoMA, Shanghai, China

Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea

2007 Security System V4 Performing the World Conference, New York

2007 Room One | The Bedroom Arizona State University, IAP Gallery

2007 Security System V3 Arizona State University, West & Tempe Campuses

2006 Security System V2 Collision Inter-Arts Symposium, University of Victoria, B.C.

2005 Security System V1 French Cultural Center in Cluj Napoca, Romania

2010 Crash (Arizona State University, ArtSpace West) Video and sculpture installation in collaboration with solo stage performance created by New York artist Will Bond with Deborah Hay and Brian H. Scott

2008 Meditations on North and South (Arizona State University, IAP Gallery) Interactive video installation

2006 Making a Disaster: the many deaths of John Wanye part 2 (Chicago Cultural Center) Performance/Video work in collaboration with LeeAnne Schmitt

2005 Making a Disaster: the many deaths of John Wayne (Highways, Los Angeles) Performance/Video work in collaboration with LeeAnne Schmitt

2004 any/nano/body (LACMA West, Los Angeles) Collaboration with Norah Zuniga Shaw, UCLA media artist Victoria Vesna, fashion designer Isabelle Toledo

2004 Fastidious Disorder (Crazy Space Gallery, Santa Monica) Video/sound installation in collaboration with Lee Anne Schmitt

2002 E3: My Reality (Chicago Cultural Center) Performance installation as a part of My Reality: Contemporary Art and the Culture of Japanese Animation exhibition

2000 Great Lives (Spare Room, Chicago) Collaboration with musician Joshua Abrams as a part of the I Wish I Had Thought of That festival

2000 Infrared Vision (Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago) Contributing artist for multimedia performance festival

1999 Untold Secrets (Jacqueline Ross Gallery, Chicago) Collaborator in video piece by XSIGHT!

1999 Trans 23 (Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago) Dance and video installation with artist Brien Rullmen of OVT Visuals

1997 Insomnia 3 (Gary Marks Gallery, Chicago) Choreography and performance for video installation created by Brian Rullmen and Suji Lee


2010 -2014 In Listening | In Response contributing performance artist to multimedia installation Secrets Under the Skin with artists Jill Crosby, Brian Jeffery, Susan Matthews, and Brian Elroy. Venues include:

Mission Cultural Art Center (San Francisco, California)

CORD Conference 2013 (Riverside, California)

Nubuke Art Gallery (Accra, Ghana)

University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Fundacion Ludwig de Cuba (Havana, Cuba)

Kimura Gallery (University of Alaska Anchorage)

Bunnell Street Arts Center (Homer Alaska)

2011 The Perfect Human V2 10 min duet Harlem Stage, NYC collaboration with Will Bond

2010 The Perfect Human V1 16 min group University of Alaska, Anchorage collaboration with Will Bond

2008 as if love might somedaybe fulfilled 12 min group University of Alaska Anchorage

2008 Miss. Representation 15 min group X-Fest, Paradise Valley Community College

2007 Dis/solve 45 min group PHiX Gallery, Phoenix

2006 Madam In Eden, I’m Adam 30 min duet Links Hall, Chicago collaboration with Rodney Mason

2006 N+S 30 min group Modified Arts, Phoenix

2004 DECOLLAGE evening length ARGE kultur House, Salzburg

2004 Murder & Montage evening length Hedwig Dance, Chicago

2004 The Image After evening length University of Alaska, Anchorage collaboration with Brian Jeffery

2003 Reflectaphor evening length Hedwig Dance, Chicago

2003 Trio XYZ 20 min trio Links Hall, Chicago

2003 terrible thing we do to flowers 13 min duet University of California, Los Angeles

2003 how does your garden grow? 12 min duet Northeastern University, Chicago

2002 S(hed) 10 min duet Japan American Cultural Center, L.A.

2002 Fractal evening length Hedwig Dances, Chicago

2001 Passage 8 min solo Electric Lodge, Los Angeles

2001 City/Escape evening length Hedwig Dances, Chicago

2000 Wandering evening length Hedwig Dances, Chicago

1999 Vanishing Point 15 min trio Links Hall, Chicago

1999 Image After evening length Hedwig Dances, Chicago

1998 Random Acts of Violence 12 min trio Northwestern University, Evanston

1998 Mad/am I/da 10 min trio Athenaeum Theatre, Chicago

1998 Labyrinths evening length Hedwig Dances, Chicago

1998 Wound and the Bow choreography Northlight Theatre, Skokie IL.

1997 As You Like It choreography Goodman Theatre, Chicago directed by Michael Maggio

1997 Prophecy director Goodman Studio Theatre, Chicago

1997 Wanderlust 9 min group Williamson Auditorium, Anchorage

1997 Red Pool 20 min trio Blue Rider Theatre, Chicago

1997 Circling Red Nights 7 min solo Bailiwick Theatre, Chicago

1997 The Camille Room 15 min group Dance Center of Columbia College

1996 Between Infinity and simple sickness 12 min group NAME Gallery, Chicago

1995 UNLEASHED 13 min trio Dance Center of Columbia College

1995 Licking the Jigsaw 45 min group Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago

1994 Wagon Red 10 min duet Northwestern University, Evanston

1994 To Carry 12 min solo Josephine Louis Theatre, Evanston

1994 Wishing on a Pink Bazooka 9 min group Hedwig Dances, Chicago

1993 In Suspect Terrain 10 min group Dance Center of Columbia College


2005-2009 David Rousseve/REALITY assistant director and performer for choreographer David Rousseve’s evening length work Saudade. Venues include: Aaron Davis Hall/Harlem Stage, NYC, NY

UCLA/World Arts & Culture Department, Los Angeles, CA.

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland

Peak Performances, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA

Columbia College Dance Center, Chicago, IL

UCLALive, Los Angeles, CA

Jacob's Pillow Dance, Becket, MA,

Danspace Project, NYC, NY

2004-2006 What?Works Founding member for interdisciplinary arts collective with Joseph Ravens and Katherine Behar. Projects included:

Sweet Release (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) Multi-media performance premiered at Experimental Theatre Festival

Connecting: intimate architectures (DeBalie Center for Culture and Politics, Amsterdam) 10 hour site-specific work incorporating video conferencing, web streaming, video projection connecting Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Amsterdam

Roaming/Untethered: intimate architectures (Amsterdam) Site-specific installation with video conferencing, cell phones, video projections, and bicycles

1993-2001 XSIGHT! Performance Group Artistic Associate. Evening length and repertory dance/theatre/multimedia works created by Brian Jeffery, Peter Carpenter, Marianne M. Kim

Dance Chicago Festival (Athenaeum Theatre) Annual dance festival

Distance from Here to There (University of Alaska, Anchorage) Evening length

Mostly Love Stories (Out North Contemporary Art House, Anchorage) Repertory

Sky is Falling (Gallery 37, Chicago) Repertory work

The Moment Bacchus Came (Northwestern University, Evanston) Evening length

Kickin the Devil Around (Blue Rider Theatre, Chicago) Evening length

XSIGHT! Extended (Northwestern University, Evanston) Repertory works

Ruth Page Dance Series (Northeastern University, Chicago) Repertory works

XSIGHT! (University of Illinois at Chicago) Repertory works

Cycle of Unveiling (Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago)

What the Mind Invents When Flesh Burns (Mojeka Theatre, Milwaukee)

Wait'll It Happens to You (Northwestern University, Evanston) Repertory works

Deaf Heaven (MEX Theatre, Louisville) Repertory works

1996-2000 SMaK site-specific performance, dance, film and music with San Francisco based artist Sara Kraft

SMaK Attacks No.3 durational Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

SMaK Attacks No. 2 durational Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

SMaK Attacks No.1 10 min group Athenaeum Theatre, Chicago

Diallel evening length Chicago Filmmakers


2017 Arizona State Univeristy | Institute for Humanities Research Cluster Grant Co-Investigator: Marianne Kim

2017 Arizona State University | New College SRCA Grant Principle Investigator: Marianne Kim

2017 Yu Dance Theatre/UCLA Commission for direction and editing for screendance Submerge

2016 Cinedans Dioraphte Jury Award – Best Dance Film 2nd Place

2016 College City University of New York Research Award Competition Grant for the completion of The Food Groups – A New Face Principal Investigators: Katherine Behar, Marianne Kim

2015 Dance Camera West Best Short Film Award for Martiality, Not Fighting

2014 Voarte – InShadow International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies Best Performance Award for screendance Martiality, Not Fighting

2013 EMPAC | DANCE MOViE Commission Principal Investigator: Marianne Kim

2013 MacDowell Colony Fellow Artist residency in support of current visual art work

2011-2013 Arizona State University | New College SRCA Grant Principal Investigator: Marianne Kim

2012, 2013 Skidmore College Project grant in collaboration with theatre artist Will Bond : Principal Investigator

2012 College City University of New York Research Award Competition Research grant for the completion of The Food Groups | Maiden Voyage Principal Investigators: Katherine Behar, Marianne M. Kim

2010 -2012 Public Art Challenge Research Cluster Center for Critical Inquiry and Cultural Studies at ASU Principal Investigators: Marianne Kim, Barry Moon

2012 Belle Art Scottsdale Public Art Program Commission to build sound art installation SWING in collaboration with ASU assistant professors Principal Investigators: Hilary Harp, Marianne Kim, Grisha Coleman, Barry Moon

2010 Meet the Composer | Commissioning Music/USA grant for new multimedia collaboration Principal Investigators: Rob Mazurek, Marianne Kim

2009 Lester Horton Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Performance and Choreography David Rousseve/Reality for evening length piece Saudade awarded by Dance Resource Center of Los Angeles

2007 Arizona Commission on the Arts Artist’s project grant Principal Investigator: Marianne Kim

2006 Washington Education Foundation Mini grant for arts residency in Sunny Slope school district Principal Investigator: Marianne Kim

2005 Durfee Foundation Grant to complete new performance collaboration Principal Investigators: Rodney Mason, Marianne Kim

2004 Dance USA/NEA College Choreography Initiative Grant to set choreography on students at University of Alaska Anchorage Principal Investigator: University of Alaska Dance Program

2000-2004 Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Four-year fellowship for full time graduate studies and research

1997 Illinois Art Council Fellowship to created new choreography


2017 Association of Asian American Studies Conference panelist

2017 UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance Guest speaker

2017 Taipei National University of the Arts Guest speaker

2016 Moving Arts Lab 2016: A Festival for Interdisciplinary Exploration (Earthdance, Massachusetts) Guest teacher

2016 International Interdisciplinary Arts Consortium Guest artist for week-long residency

2013 Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami Disorientalism educational performance residency “Women on the Rise”

2013 Dances Made to Order Guest curator for online dance film series

2012 Skidmore College Master class in Japanese Butoh for the theater department

2011 ON | OFF Guest curator for Chicago performance gallery DEFIBRILLATOR

2010 University of Alaska Anchorage Two-week guest artist in the Department of Theatre and Dance

2010 Guangdong Modern Dance Festival Master classes and guest teaching at annual international festival/dance camp in Guangzhou, China

2009 The Ohio State University Dance Department Master class in Japanese Butoh

2008 School of the Art Institute of Chicago Guest speaker on Installation Performance

2008 University of Alaska Anchorage Two-week guest artist in the Dance and Theatre Department

2007 APEX (Academic Potential Exploration Center) Four-month arts residency with students from the Washington School District in Phoenix, AZ.

2007 Arizona State University Guest speaker for the Intermedia Art Department

2007 Arizona State University Guest speaker for Asian American Studies Department

2006 Collision Inter-Arts Symposium (University of Victoria, B.C) Master class: The Intersected Body in Japanese Butoh

2006 Facultatea de Teatrul si Televiziune U.B.B (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) One-week dance theatre residency for theatre students

2005 Man.In.fest International Festival of Experimental Theatre (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) Guest artist for workshops and performances

2005 School of the Art Institute of Chicago Master class in Japanese Butoh

2005 University of Wisconsin/Madison One-week dance residency with students and community

2004 ARGE Kultur House (Salzburg, Austria) Six-week theatre residency for the creation of original evening length piece DECOLLAGE

2004 University of Alaska Anchorage National College Choreography Initiative/Dance USA Guest artist for two-month residency

1998, 2003 Illinois Wesleyn University One-week residency teaching and creating work for students

2000 McGauflin Boys Correctional Facility One-week dance/theatre workshop

1998 Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago Workshop called Building Narrative Through Dance

1997 University of Alaska Six week residency in Anchorage and Fairbanks guest teaching in the Theatre Department as a part of XSIGHT! Performance Group

1997,1999 Northwestern University Summer Dance Institute XSIGHT! performance intensive in Modern Dance composition/ technique, Contact Improvisation, Butoh, Voice and Text

1997 Other/Woman, The Art of the Solo (Chicago Cultural Center) Guest artist for Hedwig Dances Dance Discovery Series with a week long intensive of teaching, creating a solo, and collaborating with Philadelphia choreographer Roko Kawai

1996 Actor's Gymnasium (Evanston Arts Center) Butoh instructor for physical theatre symposiums.

1997 Japanese Festival of Contemporary Dance Guest teacher for community outreach program for the Dance Center of Columbia College 1996-97 season

1995 Pros Arts Studio Ten week dance residency for third to sixth graders in the Chicago Public Schools


2015 Crosby, Jill Flanders, Brian Jeffery, Marianne Kim, and Susan Matthews. "Art as ethnography secrets under the skin: materiality, sensational forms and blurred boundaries." Material Religion 11, no. 1 (2015): 105-108.

2014 Jill Flanders Crosby, Brian Jeffery, Marianne Kim and Susan Matthews (2014). Secrets Under the Skin: Blurred Boundaries, Shifting Enactments, and Repositioning in Research-Based Dance in Ghana and Cuba. Congress on Research in Dance, 2014, pp 59-69. doi:10.1017/cor.2014.10.

2004 EXTENSIONS Associate editor for online journal focusing on dance and technology


2017 So I May Come Back (CalArts, California) Guest artist for Los Angeles filmmaker Leeanne Schmitt’s Creative Capital project

2013 The Wassiac Project NYC Winter Benefit (The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn) Disorientalism performance for The Wassiac Project

2010 echo :: system (ASU, Tempe) Guest artist for ASU assistant professor Grisha Coleman funded by IHR seed grant and AME

2006 New York City Players (New York) Benefit performance of Richard Maxwell’s 1st play FABLE

2005 Not about Iraq (UCLA, Los Angeles) Soloist for choreographer Victoria Marks

2005 Kling Gang (Salzburg, Austria) Guest artist for dance improvisation collective

2004 Minimal Future? (MOCA, Los Angeles) Performer for Simone Forti’s performance installation

2003 Curious Fish (School of the Art Institute, Chicago) Soloist for Butoh artist Katsura Kan

2003 As Beauty Subsides (Fowler Gallery, Los Angeles) Performance installation created by choreographer Joe Goode

2002 Because the Day was Sunny (Highways, Los Angeles) Performer for Kristen Smiarowski

2000 Shade of Darkness (Stuart Parr Gallery, New York City) Performer for fashion designer Otto Vanhorn

2000 David Rousseve/Reality (Athenaeum Theatre, Chicago) Performer for world premiere Whispers of Angels

1994 Trinity Irish Dance Company (Pabst Theatre, Milwaukee-Navy Pier Skyline Stage, Chicago) Featured modern dancer in Bally Desmond

1994, 1995 Summer Rain, Persimon, Are the Geese Back? (Chicago Cultural Center) Featured performer for three pieces by Butoh artist Kaja Overstreet

1994 Robin Lakes /Rough Dance (Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago) Performer for premiere work Mouth

1994 Deborah Hay - A Tribute to John Cage (Links Hall, Chicago) Performer

1994 Danceworks (Josephine Louis Theatre, Evanston) Dancer for a new work by Timothy O'Slynne

1993, 2006 Fable (Cook County Theatre Department, Chicago) Ensemble performer for director Richard Maxwell

1993 Towards Diane Arbus (Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago) Performer for Japanese Butoh artist Natsu Nakajima

1992 Orpheus and Eurydike (Josephine Louis Theatre, Evanston) Collaborator on experimental opera directed by Johannes Birringer


2017 “Nasty Women artists protest Trump, raise $11,000 for Planned Parenthood”


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ASU COURSES 2006- present

IAP 101 Art, Artist, and Culture

IAP 102 Foundations in Performance Techniques and Composition

IAP 331 Performance and the Individual

IAP 334 Conceptual Development in the Arts

IAP 375 Contemporary Performance: Theories and Practice

IAP 394 Inter-Arts in Community Spaces

IAP 394 Performance and Social Change

IAP 434 Production Lab

IAP 441 Movement for Performance

IAP 480 Senior Project

IAP 499 Individualized Instruction

MAS 592 Research

MAS 585 Capstone Project



2008–present Interdisciplinary Arts & Peformance (IAP) Events Committee, Member

2010 IAP Student Festival Faculty Curator

2007–2008 IAP Arts & Performance Season, Assistant Artistic Director

2007 IAP Search Committee, Chair

2006–2008 IAP Recruitment & Retention Committee, Head

2006–present IAP Arts & Performance Season Faculty coordinator for guest artists Ed Purver (NY.), Joseph Ravens (IL.), Katherine Behar (NY.), Brian Scott (NY.), Will Bond (NY.), LeRoy Bach (IL.), Rob Mazurek (IL.), Damon Locks (IL.), Todd Carter (IL.), Jacob Meders (AZ), Eden McNutt (AZ)


2014–2016 SHArCS Faculty Lead: IAP Program

2015-present Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance Club: Faculty Advisor

2014–present International Global Learning Experience (IGLE) Advisory Committee

2014-present SHArCS Peer Mentoring Assigned peer mentor for Dr. Jeffery Kennedy

2015 Modern & Contemporary Art Club: Faculty Advisor

2015 SHArCS Probationary Review Committee – Member for Dr, Jeffery Kennedy

2015 NCIAS – Search committee for Director of Cultural Events

2014 -2015 SHArCS Curriculum Committee

2014 SHArCS Peer Review Committee Chair for promotion applicant Dr. Arthur Sabatini

2014-2015 New College Events Co-Coordinator

2013 NCIAS - Study Abroad Committee - Ad hoc

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2007 NCIAS - Standards Committee, Member

2006 –2007 NCIAS - Review Committee, Member


2017 Dean & Vice Provost of ASU | New College & West Campus Search Committee - Member

2011-present Articulation Task Force – Dance

2012–present ACETS – Evaluator for Dance and Theatre

2011 X-Square, Juror for Herberger Institute for Design and Arts public art competition

2007 ASU Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment Events, Faculty Representative. Events in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, California


2017 Association for Asian American Studies, Member

2016 Dance Shorts: College Film Festival, Adjudicator for national festival

2014 New Music USA, Panelist for national arts project grants

2014 The University of the Arts, Guest speaker for lecture series “Knowing Dance More”

2013-2014 Congress on Research in Dance (CORD), Member

2012 U.S. Department of State, Washington D.C. Artist talk through the Asian American Foreign Affairs Association in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

2010 Digital Incarnate: The Body, Identity and Interactive Media, Panelist hosted by Columbia College Chicago's "Corporeality and the Digital Gaze"

2006 Creative Capital Foundation, Artist Interview


2007 Arizona Commission on the Arts, Juror for organization grants

2007 APEX (Academic Preparation for Excellence), Teaching Artist

2007, 2006 Arizona Commission on the Arts, Panelist

2006 Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, Panelist

2006 Maryvale Community Center, Teaching Artist

2006 Arizona Commission on the Arts, Juror for artist rosters

2006 Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, Juror for art education grants