Margo Gustina

My research agenda is on public libraries as nodes in socio-ecological systems which can facilitate or inhibit local adaptive institutions.


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Libraries in Community Systems

What is the value of a library to its community? What is its function within local networks & social-ecological systems?

This collaboration between Northern New York Library Network, four state libraries and eight native nation and pueblo governments is ongoing through 2024.

Rural Libraries & Social Wellbeing

We ask: In what ways are libraries a component of social wellbeing in isolated rural communities? How do they do it?

In this field and quantitative research we learned that libraries facilitate belonging, mutualism, and self-determination, helping residents experience" the good life" on their own terms.

Communities+Libraries: a community-first process

Open pedagogy & open access. If your organization is committed to supporting a cohort-based experiential learning program to deepen local bonds between community partners & libraries, this is for you.

Hooray for ___!

Resource & workshops developed to help bring our practice closer to our professional ethics.

Other Works

Occasionally, I'm invited to speak on a topic or teach a course not directly tied to any of my major projects.